Moongirl sneaky-peek

I just posted this up over at Drawn!, the fun multi-author blog I contribute to from time to time:

What's this? A work-in-progress clip of Henry Selick's newest short film Moongirl? Well sure, I'll take a gander. Hey, wait a sec -- that's not stop-motion, that's CG! Yes, it's true, Selick's upcoming short is, indeed, animated by computer, not by hand with puppets. But I don't have any fear, as Selick is one of the best animation directors out there, so I'm sure the project is in good hands. The look and style of this clip is pretty nifty, but I'm not completely digging the shape of the boy's head when he turns. However, I'm forgiving, with it being a work-in-progress. Based on this clip, the animation looks very nice, and the story is bound to be interesting.

And if you're wondering just what the heck is Laika, that's Vinton Studios' new name.

By the way, Jared sent this link to me, suggesting that it needed "the Ward touch," but I know better. He got distracted by something shiny. Again.

Thanks for the heads-up, Jared! Now get back to work!


  1. Hey man, no problem! The film looks good so far... I love the sparkly, stary catfish... I couldn't stop looking at it... it was sooo sparkly...

  2. I miss the stop motion but it looks ok.
    I like that first transition into the swamp
    thanks for the link

  3. Selick's not completely abandoning stop-motion. He's just working on CG for this short film, kind of "testing it out."

  4. The Laika website also says that Selick will be directing their first feature, a CGI animated film based on Neil Gaiman's childrens book, Coraline. So it looks like Selick will be playing around on the computer for the next several years...


  5. The boy's head doesn't really bother me all that much. I think, like everything else, once you're on the journey, you just sort of forget about it...

    The film itself looks beautiful for the most part. One thing that really bothers me about CG is how hard it is to make things look truly organic. These days, the "in" thind to do with CG is to make everything look like it was sprayed with a can of matte-medium.

    I don't know, maybe I'm just being picky. Looks cool tho.

  6. Coraline is going to be a mixture of CG and stop motion I read.

  7. I believe I read that somewheres, too. In that case, I'll be very curious to see what Selick & Co. conjure up.