My wife Andrea has two incredibly talented brothers, Nate and Von. Nate is a DJ for an underground hip-hop group here in Atlanta, Mars ILL. I've done some work for Mars ILL from time to time, including the painting you see currently on the site (which is not fully up-and-running yet) -- but more about Nate some other time. I want to talk about Von today.

Von is a graphic designer living in the thriving metropolis of New York City. He's been living there for several years now, with most of the time working on his site: conceptualizing, designing and creating the thing from scratch, learning action-scripts on his own. Methodical and precise, Von knows what looks good and won't let go of something until it looks just right to him. I admire that immensely. I've known him since he was in middle-school, and it's been wild for me to see him grow and struggle and learn -- just as any artist does. Our experiences are what make us unique as artists, and Von's no exception. He and I have had long discussions about art, cinema, design, the theories and the criticisms behind each of these arenas, and much more. It's never a dull conversation with Von. And I admire that about him, as well.

Anyway, he's got his website up and running now. He's got quite the eye for things. Check it out HERE.

(Andrea wrote about her brother a while back on hulaseventy, if you're curious. She writes gooder than me.)


  1. von definitely has got it! very exciting stuff! love the books on the grass images - everything has a smooth approach, understated but ultra hip! i think i could learn alot from him!

  2. His website is Kickin'!

    He is so very talented! And you could get to see it close up! Very nice.

  3. Wow, VOn is definitely a great abstract artist! I like how he arranges and blends the entire elements into sequences of ambiguous visuals. I too love the overall design of the website (which is pretty personal)! The only thing he needs now is promotion and exposure!

    Good job, Von!

    - Glen!

  4. I am blown away by this website, seriously. I know he's my bro and all, but SERIOUSLY.

  5. i stumbled onto this website a week ago and have been very entertained since.
    -just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy the graphics and links that you post.