Flickr, blog traffic and being a terrible bachelor

I've updated my Fun Ephemera photoset with some fun and colorful illustrations from a couple of maps and brochures that are a part of my collection. I've also added a new photoset called Fun Vinyl, which is, of course, lp's and 45's that offer some whimsical cover artwork. It's a modest set right now, but I plan on adding more later.

Side note: I've been getting some nice traffic my way the past couple of days thanks to a couple of different sources. First of all, big thanks to Amid at Cartoon Brew for posting about Lou's passing and linking my tribute to him. Oh, and hey -- many thanks guys, for the comments regarding Lou. Even if you didn't know the guy, it was very cool to read your thoughts and words. It was also nice to see a couple of friends: Robert Pope, Dan O'Connor and good ol' Dave Strandquest. Dave has that fun animation site, Strangetoons, which hosts a gallery of my work, including one of my two animated short films, Noir. Whadda guy.

Big ups to Allan L. for posting my how-to on my Black & White entry I did for Illustration Friday last week up on the famous GigPosters Forum. You can check out the post HERE. Thanks, Al. Got lots of cool hip kids coming by and checking out the blog now. Looks like I'll have to go and get a tattoo. Gotta keep up with these crazy kids these days.

Speaking of kids, I'm missing the heck out of mine. The same goes for my wife, who refuses to think that I'm not having the time of my life without her and the little ones here. Reality check: I'm bored outta my skull. Nothing to do. I did go see two interesting movies last night, but that's been pretty much it. Plus, It's weird to wake up and not have to worry about where the kids are and who needs breakfast, what are they going to wear for the day, diapers to be changed, etc. I thought that since no wife and no kids that I'd be able to get up earlier and get to work on time (for once), but no. Instead, complacency has set in and I roll out of bed about the time I'm supposed to be at work. I totally relied on Ezra to be my human alarm clock, but now that he and the crew are up north visiting family, I'm left to my own devices. Which isn't saying much.

Without all the hustle and bustle of little beings in the house, you begin to realize how much they are the heart and soul of our home. And I begin to see how much I desperately need that commotion in the morning to get me through the day. Before, I was my own purpose. It was all about me. But now, others depend on me and they become my purpose in life. I live for them, my loved ones. Right now, I've temporarily lost my purpose. And it's a bit jarring.

Jeez, I should go to bed now. What am I doing still up? No wonder I'm getting up late.

I'm a big boring slob without my family. I'm a poor excuse for a bachelor.

Oh, and yes, Jan, I'm with you -- I miss hulaseventy, too.


  1. I know that feeling, man. When my wife and kids are gone I am lost. I think I'll have all this time to get stuff done on my short film or whatever and I just end up watching TV (which I never do). I don't sleep worth a crud to start with, but it's worse when my family's gone. 2-3 hrs a night at best. It's amazing how much energy and inspiration we family guys draw from our wife and kids. Even as they get older (as mine are doing now) I realize how much I want (need!) them around. My oldest will be graduating highschool in 3 short years. It flies by, man. Flies by. Grab hold of it and enjoy the time for all it's worth. Here's a prayer that yours get home safe, sound and happy to see you.


  2. i'm loving this fun ephemera and vinyl sets ward - they are great to have available to look at for inspiration and i don't even have to leave my home to find such great pieces. you have a great eye! thanks for the mention - when is that hula girl back?

  3. Thanks, Keith -- I pray every day they're safe and sound. I feel helpless down here not being able to be close by and make sure everyone is doing fine. Oh well.

    Jan, that crazy girl of mine is coming home with our little ones on Monday. I think. At least that's the latest. It always changes.

  4. Yeah, I agree with that too. It's inevitable to uproot your family for many reasons but sooner or later, we are begin to realize how beautiful life would be, despite the fact that little kids tend to drive everyone nuts and wives who spread out words that you may find irritating. I guess 'Love' and 'Bond' are the words that usually come up in our mind and I bet nobody will live without them.

    - Glen!

  5. Your reflections on your life with and w/out the family around you are beautiful....you know, it made me think that I'd love to see it all as a book--a nonfiction, trade pb, perhaps--detailing the life of an artist and his young daughter-artist, the day-to-dayness, all the things you ruminate on here for gratis in your blog. Think about it! I'd buy it, and I'll bet a heck of a lot of moms and dads and other would too...it's a universal theme, with your own twist.
    Not like you have the *time*, but still-!
    Anyway, lovely thoughts. : )

  6. Yeah, time would be the major factor. But still, that does sound like a pretty interesting idea, to put my thoughts into some illustrated book, or something. I'm just not sure if anyone would be intrigued enough to buy one, outside my blog friends here. Hmm, thanks Jenny for the thought.

  7. Trust me, Ward--that sort of book is *exactly* what would sell--to our generation, it's utterly relevant and besides, you have a way with the written word(much more so than a heck of a lot of very successful essayists I've read who are hot just now)--and the "slant" of being an artist dad(usually these authors are writers--a la Adam Gopnik)is a strong one. Not trying to commercialize you...but don't think it wouldn't appeal to a lot of folks. I bought a terrific book a few years ago by a 2nd generation chinese-american peach farmer who left his yuppie life to take over the family farm in CA and keep it going; I have zero in common with this guy(farming?!) but he made the entire story interesting. I exhort you to keep it in mind-heck, even a compendium of these posts would be a great beginning. : )
    Meanwhile, I'll just continue to enjoy this here blog!

  8. Ward - the pleasure was all mine in sending some gigposters.com folks your way. That place has been educationally beneficial to me for just about four years now. So now, whenever I see a great tutorial or cool link, I get them hip to it.
    Keep up the good work, man!

  9. thank you for the sweet words. although I know that you missed us, I'm still finding it hard to believe that you didn't enjoy your freedom. I don't even know what I'd do with all that freedom (actually- yes, I do... but I won't go into it all here).

    and we missed you horribly, too.

  10. I've really enjoyed the illustrations... speaking of, I found this bizzarly-rendered 1950s-ish ad folded neatly in a recipe box I inherited from my grandmother. Fortunantely, there was a perfectly nice recipe on the reverse side, reassuring me that she had not saved it as an ingredient reminder.

    The Journal of Ephemeral Inspiration
    When beeg monkey die, everybody cry