Ava Thursday: First Rainbow

Click on painting for a closer look.

Ava painted this at The High Museum of Art at their 'Toddler Thursday' program, on March 20, 2003. She was 2 and a half. Andrea would take her to the weekly program which used to be free, but then the museum got greedy and started charging parents 10 bucks each. Why would they do that? Anyway, it was 'shapes and colors' day. This painting is special to us as it was Ava's first rainbow she ever painted. It's the large pinkish arc at the top of the page there.

Rainbows are remarkable things, aren't they?

(By the way, I've now changed the titles for the selections in the pull-down menu for Ava Thursday over in the right column. Instead of dates, you can now choose based on the actual titles, so as to know exactly which piece of artwork you're choosing. Hope it's easier for you all now.)


  1. How cool! And what a fitting post following the sadness of Lou's passing. I'm really digging the color choices for all the obvious reasons. The design of this one is superb as well. I think this will have to be my new wallpaper!

  2. I love Ava's artwork. It's made me think though; my son, who is now 15, was quite the artist at a young age. He went to MFA Boston child programs, had an easel/paints at age 7... To my surprise he is now a musician and is not interested in creating visual art anymore.

    He's quite good with music though :)

    You just never know how they will change/develop. It's fun observing them!

  3. jared's right - those colors are very pleasing. lovely rainbow ava!

    (unrelated but related) p.s. - just for the record; i miss hulaseventy

  4. It's rainbow to my eyes! It may look like a child's painting but this one seems so mesmerizing it doesn't necessary represent a rainbow but something more (via interpretation, of course!)

    - Glen!

  5. oh those colors ! and the outline of her hand touching the rainbow I love. Kids see the world best and it's a nice reminder.

  6. well, I'm a little torn here. on the one hand, I'm glad to see this beautiful little painting shared (especially with the loyal ava thursday followers). on the other hand, I feel oddly protective of ava's paintings as they are highly personal-- representative of early times she and I spent painting together. I don't know why, but they touch something in me that is so raw and I feel a little funny seeing this particular painting posted here for all to see. oh, well. at least evryone seemd to enjoy it.

    oh, and it's ten bucks to get in at the high museum of art on thursdays now. used to be such a great free thing to do with the kids. I don't mind paying the ten bucks but it hardly seems worth it when you don't really get to see the museum (we usually go straight to the art room to play and make stuff). and when you we do actually check out the exhibits, the security guards follow us around like dogs. I guess they want to make sure we won't touch anything with our peanut butter and jelly-smeared fingers. and while I completely understand their concern, this no-touching thing becomes a torturous sitution when we get to the fun howard finster installation... marbles embedded in the floor! funny bicycles with all kinds of things hanging off of them! how can we expect our children not to touch? well, I've gone off on some kind of rant here. one that has nothing to do with ava painting her first rainbow.

  7. oh, and jan- thanks for missing me. it's nice to be missed.