I'm whole again

Yay! The family is back! I'm sane again. I'm whole again. I can now resort back to my neanderthal ways of not cleaning up after myself, not doing the dishes, not ironing the multitudes of shirts I own, watching stupid infomercials 'til 4 am, and not emailing anyone back for weeks. Back to being ME again, huh?

It's great to hear requests again to come play with the Pollies with Ava. How could I NOT turn that down? Life is certainly good if you're Polly Pocket, I tell ya. And there's nothing like hearing the constant whines and grunts that Ezra has now picked up. Enough to make you drive a nail into your skull. Yipee!

Seriously, I'm so happy to have my family back home. It's weird how you feel so alone when you're with someone now. That is, when Andrea and the kids were gone, I felt so much more ALONE than when I was all by myself B.A. (Before Andrea).


  1. Yaaaay! Welcome back family! To be honest I was starting to get tired of Ward's middle of the night, "I'm so lonely" phone calls...

  2. I'm sure you got tired of all my blubbering. I was an emotional wreck.

    "Oh Blanche, stop blubbering!"

  3. good to be back, love. are you ready for some happy chaos? some relentless exhaustion? I can make it happen.

    jared, my deepest sympathies. ward's middle-of-the-night phone calls can be quite brutal.