Shameless plugging?

I'm at odds right now. Is it wrong for me to plug my blog to be nominated for the 2006 Bloggies? It feels so wrong, I don't know. Should I even mention that the catagories you can vote The Ward-O-Matic for nomination could possibly be:

Best Weblog
Best American Weblog
Best Topical Weblog
Best-Designed Weblog

or possibly even (stretching it here):

Best Tagline of a Weblog
Best Writing of a Weblog
Best-Kept-Secret Weblog

It's a difficult decision for me. Should I even dare to shamelessly plug myself on my own blog? It feels so wrong. So dirty.

However, I have no shame in plugging hula seventy or Drawn! for The Bloggies. They's my peeps, man.

You have until January 10th to vote. That's next Tuesday!


  1. You are shameless! haha...actually, I don't blame you. You put so much goodness, talent, and energy into your blog, you should get a cookie for it! You deserve it. A lot of people love it, including me. Maybe I'll have to cast a vote...

    Also, I'm glad you and Ava liked the barbie doodles. I'm sorry if it was a weird surprise for her to see the barbie with a whip...oops. Hope she doesn't ask about that again...so funny. And yes, I plan to work on ken's movie, too. haha

  2. i don't blame you either - you do hard work here and great work! i never knew there were bloggies till last year when someone else was doing the same thing on their site last year. so it's also a great way to find great work! good luck - you have my vote!!!