Lazy Day

Boy howdy, what a lackadaisical day this Saturday turned out to be. At least Andrea and I both got some rest as we took turns minding the kids throughout the morning. Sometimes it's nice not to have plans for a Saturday -- it's rare for us, actually. Most of our weekends end up becoming 'workends' with a multitude of errands that need to be done. So today ended up being a nice restful day for the entire family.

I was actually supposed to go up to Victory Vintage and work on the now infamous mural early this morning, but the weather was not cooperating. Wetness does not bode well for painting a mural, so I just hung out at home and got to finally watch some of the Disney Rarities DVD set with the kids.

You know, Disney's been getting some flack for the supposed lack of quality in the prints that they choose for the shorts featured in this wonderful set, but I don't mind, which is kinda odd for me. Usually I'm all about getting the best quality of sound and color when it comes to my cartoons -- sometimes holding out for years for a particular DVD if I knew the 'special edition' would be available to the public (see IRON GIANT), but for some reason with this set, I'm not that fumed about it. Strange. I think I'm just happy to finally see these shorts, the majority of them I've not seen since the days of yore -- you know, back in the day when most of these shorts were shown in some variation on The Wonderful World of Disney. Maybe it would've been beneficial for the powers that be to hold out until better, more brilliant master prints of the films in question could be found, but like I said I'm cool with what I got for now. The kids love them and I'll sit and enjoy them just the same.

Side note: I've joined another multi-author blog called Sugar Frosted Goodness. Whereas with Drawn!, we contributors share links and recent artists finds of interest, Sugar Frosted Goodness is a bunch of artists and illustrators showcasing their own latest creations. I dig it. I dig the artists involved and I'm very honored to be a part of such an endeavor. Looking forward to submitting some cool art that I've been holding out. Check it out.

Hey check out my alter ego, Chaz. He holds wads of 50s rolled up in his tube socks.

So yes, this is a lazy day. And to commemorate such a day, I fiercely encourage you all to check out this incredibly hilarious video. (Big ups to Nate for this link.)


  1. While Ward Jenkins is a respected colleague whom I worked with and learned a great deal from (as well enjoy the occasional get together with his lovely wife and adorable children), I have to admit that I am harboring a bit of a crush on Chaz. Rolled up 50s? Tube socks? Such a brute.

  2. Word on the street is that he's an undercover narcotics agent on assignment deep within the salacious fashion industry.