Ava Thursday: Avadoodles

Remember when I posted some doodles back in November? There were a couple that were done on a notepad that we had in the car. Well, Ava -- ever the curious one -- always likes to check out what I draw or sketch, and so, after I had drawn those doodles, she asked for the notepad to see the drawings. I noticed her taking great care in really studying the one I drew of our family, so intent and focused. She then suddenly announced that she wanted to draw, too, and could you please hand me a red crayon? After a couple of minutes, this is what she produced:

"This is Daddy." I couldn't have been more proud.

A girl drinking a fun drink with an umbrella in it.

Here's a closer look at this fun drink.

The essentials: pizza, drinks & videogames, all the while watching TV. Nothing but the best.

I love this drawing of a baby in a baby carriage. Very cute.

A visit to the dentist: toothbrush and a nice, big smile for ya.

A drawing of a notepad on a notepad. How very post-modern of Ava.

I think it was something in the way that I had stylized our features in that one doodle of mine, with the angles and such, that really affected Ava's way of drawing characters. Notice how she drew me with strong angled features, similar to how I draw. And in the drawing of the girl with the drink. This was the first time I noticed Ava drawing this way. She would go on and do several more drawings like these -- characters with squared-off jaws and angled heads, but it didn't last for long.


  1. Lovely!
    I also keep several boxes of drawings like these from my own.
    There is a period, between three or four and seven years when boys and girls don't care to represent reality, they draw what they know or what they feel instead.
    For an adult illustrator it takes very very long to recover the spontaneity and decision of children.

  2. What an incredible child you have...It reminds me that we should all be so free to let loose and create without inhibitions. I particularly like the last drawing where she actually draws the rings through the holes creating dimension. She's certainly perceptive!

  3. It's cool to see her trying out stylized drawing techniques so early. I like her block-head style.

  4. that one of you is something um i maybe did when i was like 8 yrs old? WOW!

  5. You've got one super-talented daughter, man. I'm totally impressed.