Photobooth Friday: Sneaky sneaky

I can't really do Photobooth Fridays since all my photobooth photos are basically my wife's, too. Well, that's not gonna stop me from at least trying to slip one by her. Shhh... don't tell!


  1. well, aren't you clever.

    I love that you did this. and you know good and well that we have enough photobooth pics to go around if you want to join the revolution. I'll try not to hog all the good ones. I promise.


  2. Adorable, you guys are.
    Great, now we get to see twice the Jenkins' pic's.

  3. very adorable couple! and i agree with madness riviera, now we get to see twice the jenkin's pic's!

  4. Ah, lurve. Andrea has that unmistakable, "I couldn't possibly be happier" smile that makes a woman look impossibly beautiful. So cute!

  5. It might just be me but your loverly wife bears a striking resemblance to Food Network's 30 minute maven, Rachel Ray. At least in that picture.
    Just sayin' is all.

  6. I agree, Don! They remind me so much of each other - except that Andrea is much prettier. But Rachel does the Italian cooking a good bit and she's just energetic and wide-eyed - just like Andrea!