Self Portrait Tuesday: Personal History

Me at Dam Square, Amsterdam. 1989.

Okay. I'm exposing a big skeleton out of my closet here. I had a mullet. But it was the 80's and that type of hairstyle was not called a 'mullet' or anything, really. It was just a style that was popular (well maybe with just a few). Hey, even Bono had one.

It was 1989 and I was on a 2 1/2 week long trip overseas with a group. The main part of our trip was traveling throughout Turkey, but we had a 2-day stay in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I just wished that I knew about all the magnificent museums in those two cities. I went into this trip not knowing too much about the places that we were going to visit. Definitely learned my lesson since then.

It was my first real trip away from my family, clearly on my own and such a fantastic experience . I learned so much about other cultures and just what it was like to experience places and even buildings that were older than the country that I was from. What a trip it was.

I learned all that and with a mullet to boot.

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  1. Aren't you such a cutie!? I remember well that hairdo. How many times friends asked me, "How can you let Ward grow his hair so long?" (I thought it looked good, actually.) I would answer, "Well, he's not on drugs, he is going to school, so what's the problem? His hair is clean." It was SO YOU.

  2. I, too, had a mullet, a permed mullet! So no snarky comments from me. Now I have a chrome dome!

  3. THAT is so funny. Where's your gold chain and camaro?

    And no, you will never see any old pictures of me... they were destroyed in the fire that I am just about to start...

  5. I'm sorry when I saw that your mom posted such a sweet comment I giggled. Now I have a great smile on my face lol!

    The mullet is quite a hard thing to achieve. Mutton chops are even harder.

    Now I have a sudden idea of a book, "Visiting the World with a Mullet and Mutton chops". Simply genius.

  6. DANG ANGLO!!!!!!!!!!
    you be styling!!
    this is now my desktop on my mac.

    too sexy.

  7. I'm so glad that everyone is laughing AT MY EXPENSE! Nah, just kidding there. I figured that you all would get a kick out of this.

    It was a pretty cool trip, though.

  8. Man oh man.
    How could that have been so cool at the time?!?!
    But it was! You wer the cool dude! Everybody loved your hair - EVEN YOUR MOM.
    Now if you remember correctly, my grandma and grandpa gave you quite a bit of grief over your hair.
    I was envious.
    For many reasons.
    You know most of them.
    Thanks for the memories, Ward.

  9. you know I love to tease you about this. and you know I love to brag about how I was the one who got you to CUT THAT HAIR. but that's another story for another time.

    still, you look pretty cute in this here photo.

  10. It's the jeans, isn't it?

    I knew it.

  11. Ward, I'm going to call this look, Studious Howard Jones ... which I'm sure will kill you, as I bet you hated all that "mainstream" stuff back then.

  12. Hey,
    I had one of those in high school myself! I was a major U2 fan and I really wanted the mullet that Bono had circa War-Unforgettable Fire... Yours looks better though...