Happy Voting Day

Hail to the Chief
Something's in the air today. Can't you feel it?

Hail Columbia
It's not just the brisk autumn atmosphere. Almost like in Mary Poppins, where the changing of the winds signified something new just over the horizon.

In honor of this monumental day, here are a few scans from various music books in my collection. The first two are from Proudly We Sing, illustrated by Robert J. Lee. 1958.

Old Abe Lincoln
These next two are from one of my favorite books, The Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs, illustrated by the amazing Aurelius Battaglia. It was published in 1952.

Hail Columbia

Lastly, a wonderfully simple illustration by the brilliant husband/wife team, Alice & Martin Provensen. From Instruments of the Orchestra, 1962.

Go out and vote today, people! I did.


  1. Hello, i hope that Obama will be your next President

  2. Great political drawings. And isn't it GREAT that Obama WON!