Rabbit-ghosty-thing from Halloween Past

Halloween 1969

Finally found it. This is the photo that I mentioned in my Ghosts of Halloween Past post from two Halloweens ago. Mom came through for me and did some digging in the attic (or basement) to resurrect this nice photographic relic for all to enjoy. Much appreciated, moms.

I'm 11 months old here, forced to wear some blanket-with-rabbit-ears sort of thingy, tied by....an ascot? I'm told that I have such a strange look on my face because my mom was laughing so hard while trying to take the picture.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around the Jenkins houshold. The windows are filled with paper pumpkins & ghosts, the yard is covered with acres of stringy, fake webs, and yes, the pumpkins have been gutted and carved. There was a slight fear that it would rain tonight, but perhaps that was just an ugly rumor. Let's hope & pray that it was and that our little genie & Spider-Man will have a nice, safe & dry night of trick-or-treating.

Enjoy your candy, kids!


  1. heck of costume, man. :)

    by the way, what happened to the IFs - really enjoyed those...

  2. Very cute and very funny! I'm not sure my mom has any pictures of me in costume that young.

    I need to dig out the photos of me as a pre-teen Super Grape or Alladin (with fez, bloody wooden simitar and all).

    Thought you might appreciate this years costume for my youngest (10). There's a picture as well as the process up on Instructables here.

  3. I knew there was some underlying kinship and now I know what it is. My mother dressed me up as a girl—complete with bonnet and eyeliner—when I was 3. I have the pictures and will scan and post them. Mention this to my mother or my aunt (my cousin is dressed as a cat in the pictures) and they launch into immediate fits of laughter!

    Still, I can't deny that my mother's disturbing sense of humor is anything less than inspiring!

    Perhaps your costume was a precursor to Totoro ghost bunnies! Regardless, the word "adorable" best describes this picture. Sorry to say, it won't be the first adjective you think of when you see mine! Stay tuned.