The Retro Kid hits 2,000 Members

Playtime Watercolor set
The Retro Kid, the Flickr group that I started up in 2005, has hit a major milestone recently: we've reached 2,000 members! That's quite an accomplishment. Excitement is hardly the word for what I'm feeling now. I'm extremely proud of this group, checking it every day and searching the vast pool of artwork & illustration that's been submitted for inspiration. This couldn't have happened without my moderators, Glen and Julia, and especially the group's members. You all help make the internet a wonderful place for me. Thank you.

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So, what is The Retro Kid? Glad you asked.

From the group's description:

We are interested in illustrated children's books from the mid-1940's through the mid-1960's, give or take a few years. As long as it has that cool, mid-century modern stylized look that was so popular during that time. Some of what I dig are books and anything illustrated by Mary Blair, JP Miller, The Provensen's, Art Seiden, Aurelius Battaglia, and the like. I'm not limiting to just these illustrators, but willing to be open to just about anything similar.

This group is not limited to just children's books, but also anything that was illustrated for kids at that time: albums, 45's, commercials, magazine ads, games, toys, etc. If it's retro, and it looks cool, let's see it! (See below for examples.)

If you're a member of The Kid, stop by and tell us who you are. We'd love to meet ya.

You can check out submissions from the top 5 contributors: Eric Sturdevant, Glen Mullaly, Dan Goodsell, Julia Miller, and oh yeah...me.

Some examples from the group:

Paper Arts & Crafts: cutting

Alice & Martin Provensen 1
Image courtesy of Glen Mullaly.

The Big Brass Band Record
Image courtesy of MrMack.

Mary Blair ice cream carton
Image courtesy of rock-paper-scissors.

songs for 4's and 5's
Image courtesy of - julia -.

Dr Seuss Roscoe model kit
Image courtesy of grickily.

Heinlein 2
Image courtesy of Glen Mullaly.

Upp med ridån, cover
Image courtesy of David at Klockarp Foundation.

The Horse That Liked Sandwiches
Image courtesy of Eric Sturdevant.

Image courtesy of Leif Peng.

If you like this sort of thing, there are plenty of other Flickr groups that might interest you. The first one that's of particular interest is Mid-century Illustrated, featuring artwork from the same era, but opened to ALL illustration, not just kid stuff. Leif Peng heads that one up with Julia.

I've actually started up a sister group to The Retro Kid, called The Retro Teen. Other groups I administer:

Vintage Science
Mid-Century Science
Vintage Education
Jim Flora Art

Other groups of interest:

Vintage Children's Books
Vintage Cookbooks
Golden Age of Advertising (1950's - 1970's)
Eye Candy: Children's Books from the 60's and 70's
Vintage Christmas
Mid-Century Illustrated Originals
Typography of the 50's
The Atomic Housewife



  1. awesome accomplishment and contributions to us observers!

  2. I came to Flickr relatively late and as a collector of old ephemera and always on the lookout for nice scans, it's like Christmas every day for me now thanks to groups like Retro Kid and the generous work of people like you, Glen and Julia.

    Retro Rulez, congratulations :)

  3. Cool. I need to join that already!

    Go to my blog...I did a post on a movie I think you will love. Look for it soon!

  4. This explains the sudden peak in activity of my image.

    Found a couple of other covers she'd done for the same author at a used bookstore in Stockholm, but I didn't feel like spending $10 for a book with only the cover illustrated… (this one cost less than $1 at a thrift store back home in Jönköping)

    I did buy a bunch of other books with Källströms illustrations though at that store.

  5. AAAAAAAH, what a gold mine here!! thank you!

  6. great blog are here!!!! You ´re amazing!!