Announcing The Ward-O-Matic Shop

The Ward-O-Matic Shop is now open! I finally got enough sense knocked into my head to start up a shop on Etsy selling prints & original artwork. It's a little barren right now, but I'll have more work up soon, including paintings and more prints. Maybe even sketchbooks.


  1. Can I make a request?

    I really like the work you did on the wall for that retro store. You know, the one that the disenfranchised youth peed on?

    Do you have any preliminary work for that that you can make a print out of? I LOVED that one!

  2. Okay, I found it. It was the Victory Vintage mural:


    I never saw the finished product, but I LOVE that mural.

  3. awesome... just in time for christmas

  4. Heeey, welcome to the Etsy brigade, Ward! :)

  5. Fantastic. I'll admit that I'd already taken a guess at the name and took a peek a couple of days ago when you mentioned it on Twitter! :)

    And that "sketchbook" category looks terribly intriguing...

  6. Laura, the images I used for that Victory Vintage wall came from another source and not my own. I'd feel kinda weird selling prints of work that I did not initially create myself. They came from the Better Home & Gardens Decorating Book. You can check out the set here. I love those illustrations and thought that they'd be perfect for that store. And thank you for reminding me about the wall --I've been meaning to post the final product! Got carried away, I guess.

    antikewl, yes, I've been trying to figure out how to get some of my sketches into a book format for fellow friends and animators for some time now. Thought about Lulu, but not sure about having two different 'stores' selling my stuff. Would love to have it all under one store. Any thoughts, people?