Ava Thursday: Ava meets a fan!

Ava meets a fan!
At the PLATFORM Animation Festival last week, Ava had the great fortune to meet a fan of her artwork, animator Lee Rubenstein. It was so cool to witness this great exchange. Ava was very timid and shy, as usual, but hey -- that's what we all artists are like, right?

Lee co-directed and co-produced The Secret Life of Robots, which won the Internet Competition at PLATFORM. Congrats to Lee! I'd show you a link, but it's kinda NSFW. You can poke around and find it on YouTube, if you'd like.

Another great moment for Ava during PLATFORM was getting to meet dancer and choreographer Marge Champion. She posed as live action reference for the Snow White character during the making of the 1937 film. She's a youthful 88 and still as sharp as a tack. I took Ava to see a special screening of SNOW WHITE on Friday, June 29th, and right afterwards, animation historian John Canemaker interviewed Ms. Champion. Fascinating stuff. I'll post more photos soon. In the meantime, here's Ava meeting Marge after the interview:

Ava meets Marge

Marge was very sweet and as she learned of Ava's name, she lit up and said to Ava, "I knew another Ava long ago when I was dancing at MGM: Ava Gardner." John emailed me later on and said that Marge in profile looks like "Snow White talking to a little bird."

Marge and Ava, as John looks on

I finally got some photos from PLATFORM uploaded in my Flickr. Here, check it out: PLATFORM Animation Festival 07. I'm currently working on putting more up, so stay tuned.


  1. Wow! Ava's a beeg shot! I love her little poncho, too. Great stuff.

  2. Cool stuff Ward! If the picture of me with Peter Lord turned out, please send it to ken at vanarts dot com. Thanks and stay in touch!

  3. Awesome pictures Ward! It was so great to finally meet the world famous Ava!

    Thanks for the shout out and letting me hang out with all of those little kiddies of yours!

    talk to you soon!


  4. Ward! If memory serves me, this is THE Marge Champion of the famous Gower and Marge Champion of the 40's and 50's!!!! Whoa. She appeared in several movies along with her cute hubby. They were so popular. These pictures of her and Ava are priceless!

  5. Ava's a very, very lucky girl. I wish I had had a ded in animation when I was a kid!

  6. Ward, will you be my daddy?? We sure do miss y'all! Hope all's well with y'all out west!

  7. Dude awesome article and great coverage of the festival, nice work!