Usual jovial self

Man, ever since PLATFORM, it's just been one thing after the next, work-wise as well as home-wise. And basically, what happens is I have no interest in posting anything. I get too tired at night to bother with it and I obviously can't write anything during the day. Our weekends have been filled with errands, cleaning, fixing up, arranging, cleaning up again, etc. (Family's coming to visit us soon.) You get the picture.

And during the course of it all, I managed to fall on a razor:


I swear I feel 10 pounds lighter.


Wish I had more time to spend here, to write more about my past couple of weeks, but I don't. Recently, I was in a big funk. (No, it wasn't because I was missing my beard.) Sometimes you can't stop a downer day, no way around it. Something about moods, you know? I couldn't explain it to Andrea. It just...happens. And nothing seemed to help me get out of it. Maybe something spurred it on, but not conscientiously. If I knew what it was that set my funk in motion then I would avoid it at all costs. But I don't, so I can't.

Nothing to worry about -- things are chipper now. I'm my usual jovial self. I think. Things happen.

Anyway. Didn't mean to get all emo there. I promise to have more to say next time.


  1. Maybe there's an alien symbiant taking over your mind and body?

    These things happen.


  2. Yes, the same symbiant that made me shave my beard!

  3. what type of banana did you use?


  4. Try St. Johns Wort. It helps my moods.

  5. Glad to hear you're now feeling swell. Spotted your family in the paper. Fun!

  6. You can get as emo as you want, 'cause at the end of the day, you're still a big, scruffy manly man.

    Hope you're approaching the end of the funk, Ward. It'll blow over soon.

  7. I think it's an artist thing. When I read your post, I could see it all played out in my head. When this happens to me (without warning, no weather issues, didn't stub my toe, etc...) my wife thinks another being has taken over my brain. I can't write, I can't draw, my brain has become temporarily junktified. Then, just as unexpectedly, the party starts again. Get out the sketchbook, or let's go surfing!!!

    I always think about Joe Banks (Joe vs. the Volcano) and his "Brain Cloud."

    It's a mystery.

    I think creative people have a little gland in their cerebral cortex that empties and needs to replenish itself on a regular basis.

    That's all I got.

  8. Maybe you were suffering from PostPlatformitis?


  9. Hey Ward! Don't be sad. Your 'stash and 'chops have moved on to a better place... chillin' with Isaac Asimov out in the Oort cloud, no doubt.

    Another reason not to be sad: I'm coming to Portland tomorrow! Drop me a line (cassidy at otherthings dot com) if you want to connect...

  10. hey ward

    I think it might have been post patformitis as the doodlers mentioned. I am still reeling from so much killer talent and condensed creative inspiring conversation that my brain is always getting side tracked!?!? If it happens again, let me know and I can try and send you "the nard kick" or something of equal merit! It will snap you in or out of something!!
    My latest line when talking about my son is "You know he's mine because he draws like a one year old" (he did actually turn one last week) Take it easy

  11. Thank Heavens! There's a face behind that bird's nest! Oh, and maybe you got into a funk because you're so OLD! Uh, wait..I'm older than you are...never mind!