Post PLATFORM buzz

Wow! What a blast! The PLATFORM festival exceeded all my expectations. I plan on writing about it here but I'm currently working on a write up of the festival for AWN. I'm quite honored that they would contact me for the piece, but now I'm concerned with performance anxiety. There's just so much I could talk about -- so how do I approach it? What angle should I take? Jeez, this is tougher than drawin'. And a deadline looming....

Okay, I'll get back to the blog soon. I promise. Lots of photos to share.


  1. I saw one pic over at Cartoon Brew already- can't you ever tuck your shirt in? Oh, well..is there a podcast or audio or something from your HB panel? I sure would love to hear what was said!

  2. I'm not sure that they recorded it, Robert. It was fun to hang out with Kenny Sharf and Micheal O. That dude knows more about HB than I did so he pretty much took over the panel discussion. I didn't mind, that's for sure! It was cool, Jerry was great as usual, but I'm not sure I added anything great to it. It was fun, though.

  3. It was great talking with you Ward, and I was so excited to finally meet Ava, of the famed "Ava Thursday"!

    I can't wait for your thoughts and comments on the festival.



  4. I'm sure your contributions were substantial-now get back to work on that article!

  5. Hey Ward!!
    Come back soon with your posts.

    I'm an illustrator from barcelona and one of the proud owners of EDIACARA STUDIO (an animation house in Barcelona).

    See you soon i hope.