Ava Thursday: Birthday Card for Rachael

Ava Thursday: Rachael's Birthday Card

Can't believe my little girl is 7 years old today. 7 years! I know it's incredibly cliche for me to say this, but it's amazing how time flies. I remember the day Ava was born, when we had to pack our stuff and head off in the car to the hospital at around 9pm on a Tuesday evening. We were living in a tiny cottage-like house in Decatur, Georgia and I remember how suddenly we went from a 2 to a 3 -- we were a family in one day.

So to honor both her birthday and Ava Thursday, here's a card Ava made for her friend Rachael back in June. Some special sparkly letters and border along with heart shaped kites flying in the wind.

Ava Thursday: Rachael's Birthday Card inside

This was the inside of Rachael's card. I like how Ava felt the need to show who's card this was made for by pointing Rachael out. In case you were wondering, Rachael's the one with the glasses.

This is Ava and I at City Museum in St. Louis, MO, 2004. Looking at this photo, I can see just how much Ava has changed. With each passing year I see less baby fat and more long, knobby knees and gangly legs. I find it harder to pick her up and swing her around playfully like a rag doll. She loves that. "Pretend like I'm a rag doll, Daddy!" This past year she really took to reading -- it came natural to her like breathing. It helps to have a mom who reads to her every single night (and she does it really well, too). When we had family in this past weekend, it was so cool to look back and see her read to her cousin Luxie in the back seat of the car. She even added all the dramatic emphases where needed, just like her mom.


Happy Birthday, Ava! Mommy and I love you very much. Here's to a great 7.


  1. Happy Birthday Ava!

    We share the same birthday.

    I hope you have a great day.

    I will be partying with my guinea pig. The little rascal!

  2. Ava's birthday landed on Ava Thursday - how poetic :)

    Please give her big birthday hugs and kisses from me, Frank and the kids. I'll try to call her tonight.

    Those kids do have a nasty habit of growing up, don't they?

  3. Happy Birthday Ava! Our daughter is going to be 2 soon, how did that happen?

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA! keep reading and drawing and spreading the childhood cheer. Happy 7, wow, she's 7!!

  5. Happy Birthday Ava!

    Nice post. She's so talented already!