Dance Party: Ward-O-Matic is 2!

Yikes! This sort of snuck up on me -- today The Ward-O-Matic turns 2! Expect me now to rant and babble on about how my blog hates its diapers, running around the house willy nilly with a runny snot-filled nose, throwing temper tantrums, crying, poking, biting, pinching...the list could go on and on. Looking forward to it!

Dance Party Record Carrier: front
Dance Party Record Carrier: back
Well, to celebrate the occasion, I'm throwing a Dance Party. All you hep cats are welcome. I'll be spinnin' the cool tunes of Bobby Darin, Robert Goulet, Bobby Rydell, Ricky Nelson, some Indian chick and more. It'll be a happenin' shin-dig. Here, check it out: (Click on images to view larger.)

Dance Party: back close-up
Dance Party: left sideDance Party: right side
Dance Party: corner
Ready for my dance party
Old 45s

I have to give credit to my good friend Justin (previously) for the old 45 record carrier from 1961 (the records shown above were what I found inside). He gave it to me during his going away party last year. Justin, you're missed on a daily basis down here in the great ATL. Come back to visit soon, won't 'cha? Extra big heaping thanks for the parting gift! You knew that I'd love this thing and you're right. Can't thank you enough for it.

Be sure to visit Justin's site -- he's updated it since I last mentioned it and all of it is wonderful. Look, he drew the Jenkins family back when we consisted of three:

So, The Ward-O-Matic is two. Big thanks for sticking with me this long for all those who've been there from the beginning, and another big thanks to those who are new. I really appreciate all the visitors, comments, emails, contacts I've made since I've started this thing. It's been a ton of fun so far, and can't wait to see what the future holds! Got lots of great things to share with you all. Stay tuned...


  1. Hey Ward,
    Thanks so much for the mention and the words of kindness. I miss you guys so much, too. I've really enjoyed keeping up with your and Andrea's blogs to see what's going on with the Jenkins. Reading your blogs is always a colorful and warm way to brighten my day. I miss working together, too. Primal Screen is an amazing oasis, where animators and designers do NY and LA-worthy work in the comfort of a less expensive and less stressful city! There are certain things I miss about that! Anyway, I'm SO GLAD you love that retro record box! It looks GREAT on your blog. It's one of those funny pieces that embodies what we both want to do with our artwork, I think. It's cartoony, goofy, silly, fun, and stylish. I KNEW you'd give it a nice home...and it looks GREAT placed on that RED table top. To be honest, I probably should have given away more of my stuff, because space is so expensive in NY, and even though my new place has a bigger bedroom, it's still filled to the brim with retro toys and knick-knacks! (I think it drives my roommate crazy!) I have just enough room to sit at my desk and draw. I sure miss trading doodles with you at work and making fun of weird, creepy, poorly drawn ("I'm siiiiiick...") cartoon characters! It's great to see your blog still going so strong, with a new design and all. Thanks for sending others to my page, too! It's always great to get exposure. I miss stopping by your office and borrowing your eyes for opinions on stuff. You helped me grow as an artist that way. You know I've always admired your work (and the way you animate!), so having you critique work was always so valuable. I definitely hope I get to see you and Andrea (and Ava and Ezra) again sometime. I have yet to visit Atlanta since I moved away, but I want to get back down there soon! I hope we never loose touch. I admire your work and the great energy and relationships you have in your life. You're such a cool cat!!! Always stay that way!

  2. Oh yeah...did I tell you how HONORED I am for appearing on your blog again?! So cool!!!

  3. Justin, thanks so much for your nice (and long!) comment. And no problem about the second mention here -- your work is so deserving! I'm glad that you have a chance to check up on the Jenkins clan via my and Andrea's blogs. Funny how everyone we know checks up on it, but we have no clue what's going on with everyone else! But it's great to see what you're up to on your blog - great work!

    You are definitely missed here at Primal. There's no one to really talk about weird and quirky things, you know? Oh well. So it goes...

    Some day I'll have a chance to visit NYC again. Some day. And when that day comes, rest assured that you'll be hearing from me. And please, if you come down for the Holidays, you'll have to stop by and check out our new house!

    Good to hear from you, Justin.
    See ya, Ward

  4. happy anniversary ward!
    you are tops!
    thank you so much for sharing your amazing artwork + thoughts + groovy talented world + links!!!!!
    + flickr goodness!