Basking in a post-Halloween glow

Boy am I pooped. Last night was tons o' fun, but the kids wore us out. We definitely had a blast -- the kids had fun and looked great (Ava was a cowgirl and Ezra was a skeleton) and it helped that the weather was amazing. There's a neighborhood just down the road from ours that goes all out for Halloween. And when I say go all out, I mean GO ALL OUT. I'm talking full throttle, balls to the wall, no holds barred Halloween fun and mischief all up and down this one particular street. There were dueling houses with each offering their own haunted scenery and environments for visitors to enjoy. We discovered this neighborhood last year and promised that we'll have to return each year. There were tons of people walking through the streets: from kids to teens to adults. There was so much electricity and energy going on -- the scene looked too perfect that it was almost like when you see Halloween shown in a movie. The costumes would look just a tad too good, you know? But this was real. Everyone was in some sort of costume (some of the adults had pulled up their masks to be able to drink) although I didn't plan on putting together anything. Time was limited after work, so no fun & funky Halloween dress-up for me. Maybe I'll recreate that 1978 costume next year. I've always wanted to do that.

Expect pics soon, most likely on Andrea's Flickr. By the way, check out our Halloween pics from last year.

A couple of links that I meant to list on my Spookish Flotsam post:

Michael Fleming, aka Tweedlebop, just finished the Tweedlesketch's 31 Days of Monsters project on his blog. Great characters! Fleming's a contributor to The Retro Kid and a great artist to boot.

Another Retro Kiddo is Todd Franklin, who goes by the moniker of Neato Coolville. He's got a blog with tons of great Halloween stuff from the days of yore. Very very cool.

In the What were they thinking? catagory, here's a list of The Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time from RetroCrush. Baretta? Chuck Barris? Asteroids? Rubik's Cube??? I mean, I kinda watched those shows and I kinda got into that Rubik's fad (loved Asteroids), but COME ON -- I can't imagine ANY kid wanting to go out dressed as a dorky multi-colored cube. And that "motorcycle enthusiast" from the Village People? That's rich, I tell ya. Rich.