Ward Art for Your Celly

I'm very excited about this. You can now actually download official Ward Art for your phone! START Mobile is a service offering downloadable artwork from hundreds of artists for mobile phones. It's an extension of START SOMA, a San Francisco gallery for emerging artists, both being the brainchild of John Doffing. Recognize the name? You should. He was the one responsible for the Hotel Des Arts, a boutique 51 room hotel in San Fran, featuring entire rooms painted by many of these same emerging artists. It's a pretty cool thing he's doing here with his newest venture, the START Mobile, and one that could really take off. I'm greatly honored to be a featured artist. A wonderful opportunity for all the artists involved.

And, boy, talk about the artists! With the tagline Art for Everyone, Art for Everywhere, you can choose from an incredible roster of artists -- some well-known, some not (I fall into the latter catagory, I'm afraid). Check it: Shepard Fairey, Tim Biskup, Lynne Naylor, DAIM, Kirsten Ulve, fellow artist blogger Steve Mack, and many many more. You'll have to scroll down towards the bottom to find me, but that's okay. When you do, definitely download some art for yourself -- it's only $1.99 for each piece of digital goodness. Here's a shortcut to my page, but please be sure to check out all the other great artists featured. They some fine folks.

So, why did I choose the images you see in my gallery? I have to tell you, it was not easy. I had to take a big long think about it, and so with my secret weapon, Andrea, helping me make the final decsions, I knew that we chose wisely. I wanted bold, strong, colorful images that pop. The kind that might make a statement about the buyer. Ones that would look ├╝ber-cool/nifty/spiffy.... so when you open up your celly to make that nightly bootycall, your friends would immediately ask, "Cool! Where'd ya get that?"

I hope you spendspendspend to your little heart's content! It's a great idea that has great potential. By the way, I plan to update with newer images from time to time, so be sure to check up on my page periodically. Also, if there is one image that you liked in particular that I do not have available for download, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Spend, oh great consumers, SPEND! (And yes, we artists do get a piece of the monetary pie, so you'll actually be supporting your favorite starving outcast. Thanks!)

Hope you enjoy!


  1. WOW! You're taking over the world...cellphone by cellphone. Props to you, man.

    I likey the jazzy green one.

  2. You're too stinkin' cool! That's awesome! Congrats... now I must go buy...

  3. Excellent.
    That's great dude.
    I haven't been to the site yet, but you can bet your silly self I will.
    Okee dokee?

  4. Nooooooooooooooo - I went to go download a bunch, but they don't work for Sprint! ahhhhh!

    I love this site, and love your selections! Now, I just wish I had a phone that would work with them...

  5. Pretty neat, Ward! That having been said, if I see someone in front of me in traffic staring glassy-eyed at one of your wonderful works of art on their stupid cellphone when they're supposed to be getting through a green light, I'll deck ya.

    Merry Merry!

  6. hi, my name is littlepadawan and i have a blog (in spanish) where i recently made a post called 'navecitas' (little spaceships). there i used the beautiful drawing made by your daughter in june, with a link to your site. now i realized the kind advice you have in your blog about using your contents... i'm sorry, i just like the drawing so much, but i will take it away from the post if you tell me to do so. i'll be waiting for your answer.

  7. littlepadawan, I'm okay with you using the image, as long as you keep that link back to my blog. Thanks for letting me know! Too bad I don't speak spanish, as it would be nice to read what you say in your post. Ava's learning spanish in kindergarten, so maybe I can ask her....

    Sorry Brooke about not having the artwork available for Sprint! That sucks. I know that John, the main guy at START Mobile, is trying his darndest to get the artwork on as many formats and celluar companies as possible. So stay tuned.

    Robert, at least they would be looking at MY art, you know! And a Merry Christmas to you, too! Drink some more eggnog you ol' buffoon!

  8. Ohhhh, bloody hell!
    I mean--I have a Virgin Mobile setup, and apparently they ain't simpatico with the art option thingy, darn it! And here I was all thrilled, as there are some BEAUTIFUL images I very much wanted to buy. I loved all of yours, Ward; funny--some I don't know at all--have you never posted them here on your very own blog? The two girls are just terrific--I wanted them both. I hope this site catches on and that it works out...I might have made it .99 initially just to attract more folks, a la iTunes, but I understand it isn't much at 1.99 , either. So cool!

  9. Jenny, so sorry that it's not available for Virgin as well. Phooey! I hate that I posted this and not everyone will be able to have access to the images.

    The only images on my START Mobile page that I have not officially posted on The Ward-O-Matic are the two graffiti guys on the left. They are, however, in my Flickr. Everything else has been posted before. You can see my daughter jumping on a trampoline HERE, and the little girl with a book HERE. You can check out some of my other work that I've posted on the blog by going over to that pull-down menu on the right on my main blog page. It's titled, Ward Art. And many thanks for the kind words.

  10. Thanks, Ward--I had seen one of the girls here(I mean, Miss Terrible Memory actually recalled seeing them, lol), and one or two of the others, but of course I've missed much, and then there's seeing the chosen images all together like that--it makes a hell of an impressive portfolio, seeing them "out of context" as it were.

    I feel as though I've been able to watch a bit as an excellent artist just gets better literally day by day via your blog...it's a privilege, man. No kindness here-only facts! ; )

  11. You made some good choices, man! Now if I only I didn't hate cell phones so much, I'd cop a whole bunch of 'em. :D

  12. I'm so bummed! As a Sprint PCS customer I can't download the images. *grrr* I've been reading your blog for about a year now (I'm the epitome of a lurker) and it would've been totally groovy to be Walted. Is that a word?

  13. Okay, so I just realized that there are only 2 people on the planet who would have gotten the 'Walted' comment. So just scratch that. I'm a goober.

  14. Congrats Ward! So much great art... it makes me want to buy a cell phone.

  15. How cool is this! Here's hoping that santa drops a cell phone off in my stocking!

  16. how cool! so happy you're in there!