Ava Thursday: Doggie in a Truck

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My mom came up some time ago and handed me this little yellow piece of paper that came from a notepad. "Here, I thought you might like to put this on 'Ava Thursday.' Ava drew this while in my car when she last came to visit me."

A doggie in a truck, with his tail wagging. Something so simple, yet so effective. This tells a story in one frame -- no other drawing is needed. A fun little doodle by a fun little 5 year-old girl.

I love how she drew the motion lines for the dog's tail, showing that it's wagging, and how his paws go over the side of the truck. Classic.


  1. She drew it *in the car*? Boy! Your daughter is amazing.

    I also love how the dog's head is up into the wind...it can't be a happy coincidence, that's observation/feeling. She's got the "pup in a car on a trip" thing down cold! How old is she again? ; )

  2. She's 5. "AND A HALF" she reminds me, eyes glaring.

  3. A great one, Ava! I draw my trucks the same way, but I wish i could draw dogs that well. ;-)

  4. hey - how cute! amazing she did the tail wagging!