Self Portrait Tuesday: Reflective

The theme for Self Portrait Tuesday this month is Reflective Surfaces. So here's a shot of me looking in the rear-view mirror while wifey goes into the one, the only Tar-zhay. That's Ezra in the back there, asleep. Poor widdle buddy.

Oh, and say hello to my new beard. This is it's big debut on The Ward-O-Matic.

Yes, it still itches.


  1. That's a serious crack on your windshield...

  2. Hey, beards are the new faux-hawk, and yours is lookin' sweet, chief! I grew one too...more along the lines of the thin, Tim-Pethelish brand (it's not like he originated it, though).

    I sure liked your last post. You find the best stuff. What's your secret? Let me study with you...

  3. ah yes, the keratinized proteins are strong with this one. born to be bearded he is. and just in time for the greys to start showing!

  4. The best part is, when you finally run screaming into the bathroom to shave that itchy thing off, you miraculously look at least five years younger!

    The voice of experience.

  5. I'm sure it not practical, but I'm diggin the crack -- against the brick especially. And I love these type of photos with the baby sleeping in the back.

    Welcome to SPT!

  6. Beards rule. Van Dykes in particular!