A successful BIRDMAN outing

Wow. What a great turnout for the HARVEY BIRDMAN: ATTORNEY AT LAW screening we had last night at The Red Chair! We had the whole place to ourselves and I think it's safe to say that it was a grand success. Joe Peery and I were very elated to see so many people there, some familiar and some not -- which is fantastic. It was fascinating to hear Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter talk about the process of getting the show started, in fits and starts. Something to be said for tenacity. (I'm just glad that I know now the backstory on the infamous Bear. My life is complete. Thank you, Michael.)

Equal love was given both to the creators/writers for creating such unique stories to animate, and to the animators for giving life to the bizarre yet lovable denizens of the BIRDMAN world. It was nice to see some familiar faces, whom I've had the great pleasure of working with for the past couple of years, get the respect that they so fully deserved. Not a dry eye in the place. Good job, guys.

Big thanks to all the ASIFA peeps for working so hard on the screening, as well as the members who attended. Also, to all the people out there who came on a whim, not really sure what they were getting into. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Thanks to the Red Chair for being so accommodating. We animators are an odd, silly bunch, aren't we?

And lastly, a BIG thanks to the creators and animators of HARVEY BIRDMAN, for sharing your stories, your thoughts, your processes in creating one of the most hilarious shows out there. Here's to another season, yes?

NOTE: Did anyone here take pics of the event? If so, I'd like to showcase some of them here. I'll give full credit, of course. Just email me. Thanks!


  1. [I relocated this from the previous post in my obsessive desire to remain relevant :) ]

    What a great screening! It was so much fun to hear the entire story of the production history and daily grind of the Harvey Birdman show and to watch it with a group of others. Knowing that there's work like that happening in the ATL is very exciting. Makes me wanna sing our city's new theme song! OK, just joking about the song, but the artistic community thing is cool.

    It was great to meet you, Ward! Sorry to know you had such a troubling weekend. You seemed to be in good spirits so hopefully you're recovering well.

    I'd like to see some pics too from the event. Great crowd.

  2. Thanks for doing that, Darin. I saw your comment first and I was thinking that maybe I should've hurried up with this post!

    Anyway, it was great to finally meet you and your wife, Darin! So glad you made it -- you're right, it was pretty cool to watch the show with others. And yes, the ATL is a very exciting place to animate! I've always thought that. Thanks again for coming by!

  3. Man, I really wanted to come out and see this last night and meet some of the locals, but instead I stayed at home while the flu kicks my ass. I hope you guys arrange another event before too long.

  4. AW MAN!

    I meant to try and get it together to go to that but I am slammed with this freelance gig... What a bummer. Glad you guys had a good turnout!

  5. I had a great time :D I wish I'd met you, though, Ward! I thought I'd be able to pick you out, but I didn't- furthermore, I should've asked Joe to help me find you, but I didn't think of that until after I left!

    Anyway, I'll catch you next time for sure :)

    Thanks so much for putting that together- I think a lot of hopeful, upcoming animators were there who appreciated the advice, inside look, anecdotes, etc :)