Ava Thursday: Fun collage

When you have a mother like Andrea, of course part of your playtime at home will involve making collages. Ava has had ample collage-time with mommy before, but she was very proud with this particular collage because it was the first time she got to cut out the images all by herself. Grabbing images from a children's clothing catalog and a few tidbits that mommy had saved, Ava has created a wonderful outdoor scene. I watched her thumb through the catalog searching in earnest, and then very carefully cut out the perfect head, the perfect body, the perfect shoes for the main girl character here. I love how she doesn't have any arms -- but gotta have the gloves, of course.

Won't be long before Andrea and I both will be asking Ava for some pointers in our artwork.

Click on image to go to its Flickr page, and then "All sizes" to view larger.

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