HARVEY BIRDMAN and the Rebirth of ASIFA-Atlanta

I'm happy to announce that ASIFA-Atlanta is back up and running, with a brand spankin' new screening to prove it! (And an updated website, too.) After the unfortunate passing of our chapter's president, Lou Hertz, back in July, there was this uneasy feeling regarding the future of the organization here in town, since Louie was practically doing everything. It was one of his many loves. Knowing this, there were several of us who banded together afterwards and met in secret bunkers deep beneath the city to lay out a plan so perfect, so diabolical, there would be no way to ignore it: create a new ASIFA-Atlanta that actually tapped into the animation industry here in Atlanta -- with fantastic screenings that tempted and tantalized your animation-soaked brains, and workshops & panels that offered mind-blowing information and knowledge that you could use to your advantage, to benefit you in your evil, hostile takeover plans. (I know what you're up to, I see all.)

And thus, being the screenings organizer for ASIFA-Atlanta, I'm very happy to announce our first screening since the rebirth: AN EVENING WITH HARVEY BIRDMAN: ATTORNEY AT LAW. Next Monday, November 14th, at 8PM at The Red Chair (550-C Amsterdam Ave, in Amsterdam Walk), in Midtown. It will be $5, but FREE for ASIFA members. Click on the poster above for a nice, larger version to download and make copies to pass out around your office or school. Annoy your friends, family and co-workers with glee.

So what's with a HARVEY BIRDMAN: ATTORNEY AT LAW screening? Well, the show is produced and animated here in the A-T-L, so we wanted to pick up on this fact -- that there's a multitude of productions going on here in town with many doing some wonderful work. The great thing about this particular screening is that we've gathered some big-shots on the show to come and talk about BIRDMAN, how the show got started, what goes into the making of each episode, what goes on in the minds of the animators, who actually does any work on the show, etc. Secrets will be bared, tears will be shed. We asked the filmmakers to handpick their four favorite episodes: "The Dabba Don," "The Devlin Made Me Do It," "X Gets The Crest," and "Birdgirl of Guantanamole." Which big-shots will be there? Check it out: creators/writers Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, director Rich Ferguson-Hull (he won his catagory in Ottawa, by the way, for BIRDMAN), and producer Evan Adler. The animation crew is expected to show up and talk trash. It's bound to be a marvelous evening.

Hey, did you know that Primal Screen has a connection to BIRDMAN? Yes, Primal did the infamous open, with Rick Newcomb as art director, and Reese Lloyd doing those fun pulp-style illustrations. Rick and Reese will be there at the screening, as well. (Be sure to buy the first season on DVD, as there's a nice bonus section with a live-action version of the opening, with each and every shot lovingly recreated with real humans, done verbatim.)

If you're in the area, do try and come out to the Chair. We'd love to have ya.

If any questions or need more info, check out ASIFA-Atlanta's site, or contact Joe Peery.


  1. Wheeee!!! I can't wait :D It'll be my first ASIFA meeting :) I think I might've met Rich at the drawing class?

  2. Well, that certainly sounds "relaxed and fun"! Wish I could be there

  3. I sure miss you and ASIFA, but I can't say I miss the Red Chair much! There's many, many, many a gay here in NYC! One on every corner...one in every size and color. It's hard to choose. I'll take three. So many fellas who look "light in the loafers". Hmmmm...which one's right for me?

    Oh, and by the way, your new banner is HOT!

  4. Yay! I'm excited and I'll definately be there. I've been missing the ASIFA events.

    Red Chair is decent for a screening venue, though I preferred Creative Circus and Macquarium because there were fewer distractions. But at least I can have a drink while I'm there to help distract myself from the distractions.

    BTW, my word verification for this post is "migmpoov" - I think I'll use that as the name for my next band. Industry insiders will calls us 'the poovs'.

  5. Klahd, I wish you could be here for it, too. Miss ya, buddy.

    Justin, you're so gay! Looks like NYC is treatin' ya pretty well, especially in the eye candy department. Ditto on the missing part.

    Brett and Darin, looking forward to finally meeting you guys. Hope you enjoy the show. It'll be a fun evening, we promise.

    And Scott, thanks, man. I appreciate that.