Ava Thursday: The Tooth Fairy

Ava lost her very first baby tooth Monday, at school. Dear Ms. Beck gave her tooth that extra special tug and out it came! So, in typical Ava fashion, Ava drew about this event as well as the ensuing nocturnal transaction that transpired later that evening. Ava got really into the whole Tooth Fairy business, even telling Andrea and I that she thinks the Fairy is small and flies around with her computer to keep tabs on all the kids out there losing teeth. Andrea has written a very sweet post about all this on her blog today. You can check it out HERE.

To view larger, click on image. Then click "All sizes." There are notes on this image, too.

Ava did draw herself at one point, big toothy grin with a big gaping hole right in the middle, but I could not for the life of me find that drawing. I'm sure it's around here somewheres. However, I LOVE this drawing of her being visited by the Tooth Fairy. She drew on both sides of the paper, and so I scanned both for you all to see. Here, on the front, is Ava sleeping with her head on a yellow pillow. Underneath the pillow is the Tooth Fairy herself, doing her job, leaving a box of goodies in place of the tooth. I like how Ava decided to put some flowers there, as well. It's all black around because, "it's dark underneath the pillow," Ava tells me. Makes sense to me. Fun colors and a great story here. Ava signed it in the upper left, and then she was about to title the drawing, but stopped when she realized that it would not fit. So she turned the paper around to finish:

To view larger, click on image. Then click "All sizes."

Ava is telling Mommy and Daddy, "When the Tooth Fairy brought me a surprise." Ava wrote all the letters herself, with Andrea helping her out with what letter went next, pronounciating each word, and asking Ava what letter does that sound like, etc. Ava then says, "OK," at the bottom. (The exclamation point got mixed up.) I like how she drew herself in profile here, yelling about her story. Fun characters.

Our little girl is growing up. That's what this all means to me. Her baby teeth are now being pushed out to make way for her "adult" teeth. No. Not yet. I'm not ready for Ava to be all growns up. I like her being a little girl. No growing up. "But I want to grow up, " Ava told me one time, after I made a joke about me not ready for her to grow up.

I know you do, Ava. But let me hold on to you being a kid just a little bit longer.


  1. how bitter-sweet! noah is just learning about teeth falling out and keeps asking me if he still has them. and then if i can come closer to maker sure. such sweet drawings! i love the idea of the tooth fairy having a computer with her as she flies. laptop no doubt. how things have changed.

  2. i love this ava thursday drawing! the way she illustrated this magical time beneath the pillow is priceless. ~i also love reading your blog and andrea's and seeing two perspectives on a story. how cool.

  3. Just wonderful!! Absolutely wonderful!!

  4. Gawd, you're absolutely killing me. I feel like I've taken the way-back machine to Simon's childhood every Ava Thursday - between yours and Andrea's account I was getting all choked up. Thanks and don't stop. Ava's starting to pick up her dad's style, too. ;-)

  5. I wish my girls stay little as long as possible. They are just so sweet and pure at the moment. Their imagination is just formidable.

    I like your concept to put up her drawings. I have been thinking about that too. That will give her a sense of pride. First gotta get my camera back.