Birthday Bash

The event was a success and the boy had a great time rubbing cake all over himself. If you're curious reading about all the sordid details, my dear wife has a nice write up at her blog. Andrea does tend to go a little overboard for birthdays and holidays, with all the decorations and gifts -- and she'll be the first to admit it, too --but I must say that to her credit, she's making these special moments quite memorable for our little ones. She's the keeper of traditions in her family, and without her, birthdays would be dull, boring affairs.

Andrea has an incredible creative spirit and a great knack for fun. Even though she's worn out by the end of the day from all the preparations, invitations, decorations, cake and presents, she never fails to achieve what she originally set out to do: make this day extra special for the one having a birthday. I love to see what she comes up with for each birthday, and with Ava's coming up in July, Lord only knows what amazing things will transpire that magical day.

And you just know that Andrea's love of birthdays and parties is rubbing off onto Ava....


  1. just saw all the flickr pics and it looks like it was a fun fun time! love that cake and all the stars! looks like andrea is definitely a fun person to have around!

  2. Yeah, she's alright. I think I'll keep her around for awhile.

  3. WHOA! What a fun time! Tell Andrea that my birthday is in August...

  4. You can definitely see Ava's joy of the moment as she is aiding Ezra in making his first birthday wish.

  5. I guess my invitation was lost in the mail. That's cool.
    Can you UPS me some cake? It looks scrumptious.

  6. awww, shucks. yeah, I know go a little crazy. what can I say? when it comes to the bebes, I love to party.

    thanks for such sweet words, ward.