My workspace

Behold! If you dare, my workspace at Primal Screen! Do you dare enter the small, harrowing enclosure that I inhabit daily? Who knows what evil lurks deep within the confines of--

Ah, enough of that. Aren't you curious? I know you are. Here's an open invitation for you all to check out my workspace at Primal Screen in Atlanta, GA. Since I've finally started a Flickr account (there goes the rest of my spare time), you can check out the photoset of my workspace HERE. There're a few details I mention on most of the photos, but you're welcome to add questions or comments. You can even make notes on the photos themselves, highlighting a certain area that you like and writing about it. (Oh, and if you remember, Ava drew a wonderful rendition of my workspace a couple of months ago. Now, you'll be able to see what exactly she was looking at when she drew THIS.)

Flickr rocks. It's so interesting to check out other people's photos and to see where they live, what they do, where they go to visit, (and where they work) etc. It's a great communal site that brings people together in unique ways, all through photography. It's wonderful. And highly addictive. What gets me sometimes are the contacts. If you see someone who has some cool photos that you dig, or they're someone you know, you can add them as a contact. What gets intriguing is seeing who's on who's contact list. Sometimes it's almost like a popularity gauger, but I try not to think of it as that. I just like to check out other people's photos, and see who's on their list. I also like to use Flickr as a great resource, through the use of "tags." If you're looking for a particular item, say, something that's retro, just type in "retro" in the tags search and all photos that've been tagged with that same term will come up. Fun!

You can also post illustrations and artwork, which I plan on doing soon. (I have some of my graffiti up right now.) I just need to get the Pro account, so I'll be able to have 2 GB of storage to work with. I've already used up my storage FOR THE MONTH, with my regular, free account. No lie. Once I get the Pro account, I'll be uploading pics like crazy. I promise.

Anyway, now you all can catch a glimpse of what I get inspired by on my desk, on my walls, in my shelves, etc. I really enjoy my little home away from home at Primal. It's a fun place. And I encourage you all, if you have a blog or site, to post photos of your workspaces as well, whether they are at home or office. It's never a dull moment to see what others are inspired by. And if you have a Flickr account, please feel free to add me as a contact. I have the desperate need to be popular.

I blame Andrea for getting me turned onto Flickr. Darn you, woman!


  1. that's cool, I noticed those when you added me as a contact in flickr. Pretty dang swank place you got there over at Primal. Good stuff. You've inspired me to take some photo's of my workspace. Hope to post them soon on my flickr page.

    Gotta say also that your graf art is kick butt. Really really enjoy it man. Keep up the inspiration Ward.


  2. The networking aspect of online communities really is interesting. Have you heard of TheFaceBook.com? That site recently took my university by storm, and one of its particularly fascinating features is a visualisation of your friendship network. You can see at a glance the different groups, and the odd line joining people you had no idea were friends. All very interesting, and a HUGE way to waste time...

  3. Ward! That's too cool! I'm jealous. Seriously. I have a bare desk... it's so very sad. I also enjoyed the picture of you sleeping. Whenever I think about you at work, that's what I always imagine. That or an image of you crying... like a baby.
    BURN! ;)

  4. You are causing me to stumble. I'm experiencing deepening levels of envy.
    All kinds of inspiration all over the place in there ... perfect. I do love what you've done with the place/space.
    Whatcha doin'? oh ... shampooin'.

  5. I too envy your cube. Mine is gray and padded. I hope to move to a modern cube soon. I am inspired to hang more things up.

  6. wow - you could open a store - cool cool stuff going on. love the "j" - oh and the bingo game. cool flickr photos too - inspiring!

  7. Very cool, Ward! I also took some pictures of my workspace about a year or so ago.

    I love all your posters and ephemera!

  8. Awesome! I'd love to share my pictures too! It's not something that I always see every time so it's worth a try!

    I too see your face (hehehe) and even your daughter (cute!). It's great to see what your office really looks like, thanks to Flickr!

    - Glen!

  9. Hey Johnny -- very nice workspace, there! I'd love to see a more recent set, as I know how desks and such change over so much.

    Thanks, all for the comments. Since I don't really have a work enclave at home, I ended up going a bit too far with my little cubicle at work. But I don't mind. It's a fun place. There's only a handfull of others at Primal who went as far as I did with their workspaces, with some looking like they just moved in still.

    I plan on getting more images up of Primal when I get the chance.

  10. Now if you only had a car to get to your workspace.

  11. What a cool office you have there. And you weren't in trouble over the Farrah mug, huh? I got in big trouble over my Playboy lamp. Your place is very retro, with the sambo calendar and everything. And if I dyed my hair red and spiked it out a bit, I'd be the A-American version of you. Matter and a fact, I'm going to steal that shaved beard look.

  12. Hey Don, that Farrah mug was actually bought by Andrea herself. She found it at a flea market booth, in the original shipping box that had not been opened since the 70's, with several others. They were in perfect condition. She knew that it was a joke, by buying it. Very post-modern of her.

    And I'm hoping you're referring to the Basquiat calendar (aka SAMO). I love that guy's work. Big big fan of his.

  13. well waddya know? I just signed up today to flickr! coolness

  14. Seeing those pics has really inspired me.Thanks so much for sharing them.They make me wanna redecorate my workspace,pop on my headphones,and pick up my pencils again...