Make it an IRON GIANT day

For those who know me well, then this post will come to no surprise. Today is a day that I've been waiting for YEARS! Today is the day that Brad Bird's previous effort, THE IRON GIANT comes to DVD. Now, I'm not talking about the paltry 1-disc version that came out some 5 months after the movie's initial release in 1999. I'm talking about the Special Edition version, complete with 2 discs! This is something that I've known about since hearing of the first rumor floating around in late '99. The following year, there were more rumors flying around that Bird had completed recording his audio commentary to the film wherein many IRON GIANT fans began to drool profusely. Year after year, the Special Edition was delayed for no apparent reason (Warner Bros. are complete idiots, if you ask me) - we're talking about 4 long years, people. So now, FINALLY we have this wonderful DVD set available here on US shores for the first time, obviously delayed the most recent time just to coincide with Bird's THE INCREDIBLES. Warner Bros. are using "From the director of The Incredibles," tag line on the advertising, of course. But HEY - I'm not going to complain. That just means that more people will get to check out this amazing film.

Hmm, maybe I should do a multiple-post review about THE IRON GIANT, eh? Nah, I won't subject you guys to that. Anyway, go buy this DVD. Your inner Superman depends on it.


  1. This is one of the most beautiful animated movies I've ever seen. The rich backgrounds and the seamless in tegration of 3D in with the 2D elements. It's also a really sweet and honest story. It represents what animated movies should be--as does THE INCREDIBLES... It looks like I must make an online purchase today... Hmmmmmm...

  2. Looks like Brad Bird is two-for-two in the animated feature department. I'm very curious to see what he does for his next one. I plan on commenting about Bird's ability as a filmmaker, connecting with the audience and his unique look at themes soon.

  3. My friends bought me the video of this when it had first come out; it came with a free plastic Iron Giant! I also had seen this and was wowed at the movie theatre (the draw for me was that it was created by the same guy(s) who worked the Powerpuff Girls, of which i was a huge fan back in the day). It's one of my favorite animated features. I'm so excited about the prospect of getting this on DVD now (that my VCR version is no longer existent)--I hadn't thought about it in a while until I saw this post--now I know it exists, and now I know what to add to my wish list!


  4. I need this WARD...great animated film...I have the first copy on DVD but I need the special edition..
    great site Amigo!