The Imaginary World

I am a BIG fan of 1950's to 60's style, mostly if it is in the form of ads and commercials. There is something in the simplicity of the design that is so intriguing to me.

There is a great website, The Imaginary World, that showcases a big collection of pop culture artifacts from the 40's to the 70's in the Archives & Galleries section, and it was in there where I found this great collection of stills and storyboards from the Ray Patin Studios, a studio I had never heard of before. They did commercials in the 50's on into the 60's. It's especially nice to see the rough pencils and pastels of storyboards for these spots as most studios never really saved a lot of that work.

It's some pretty cool work to check out.


  1. Awesome links Ward! Thanks for posting this!

    Jim H.

  2. Ward, thanks for posting that link. The Ray patin stuff was absolutely brilliant! My favorite artist in that vein was Mary Blair, who you probably know did a lot of work for Disney Studios from the 40's thru the 70s. Bob Staake's site has a nice section about her: http://www.bobstaake.com/artists/maryblair/page1.html although I wish the images of her work were larger.

  3. Oh, yes, Mary Blair. She's one of my influences. I might have to do a post on all the artists and illustrators that played a big role in my artistic development throughout the years.

    And thanks for mentioning Bob's site. He's great.