Mad Props

I'm forcing my brain to focus on something other than THE INCREDIBLES right now, (I've already seen it again!) as I feel I must give some props to Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi for mentioning The Ward-O-Matic on their most excellent website Cartoon Brew. I've been a big reader and supporter of their respective individual sites, Cartoon Research and Animation Blast for a long time now, and when these two combined forces to create Cartoon Brew, I knew that it was a good thing. I've corresponded with both several times throughout the years, and I finally got to meet Amid at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, earlier this September. (Despite what you may hear, he's a really swell guy.) Both are incredibly busy men, writing books and organizing ASIFA screenings, etc., so I am very very honored that they took the time to plug a widdle ol' fledgling blog like mine. A big hearty thanks, guys.

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