Ava got to jump on her very first trampoline at her schoolmate's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I took some great photos of this special occasion. This is just something I did based on one of the photos. It was a wonderful moment.


  1. Really nice style on the illustration of your daughter on the trampoline. Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  2. that's our girl. I absolutely love this drawing of her- the colors especially. despite me gripping the sides of the trampoline (anticipating the worst), I had a ball watching her jump... I found myself longing to get up on that thang and bounce and flip flop around, too...!

  3. keep up the great work Ward! I may not always understand what you are talking about with animation, but I always look forward to visiting! great drawing of Ava! tiegs

  4. Hey Ward;
    great sketch. Lemme know when you start posting drawings of those trampoline-jumpin' hotties on the Man Show, wouldja?

    Happy Thanksgiving, you old goat.

  5. Beautiful!!! I am showing this to Mandy as soon as she gets home! And I'm all for a sketchcrawl someday!!! I think that's a fab idea! It would be a fantastic way for Atlanta artists to get to know one another!

  6. Thanks for posting, James! I'm glad you and Mandy like it. It was a fun day.