Fat & Happy

Xmas Hiā€¢Fivories
My wife, she knows me so well. This was one of my gifts.

Yes, it's the post-Christmas fallout. I ate so much yesterday I felt like I could nap for over a year. The holiday was a good one here, although, it wasn't truly Christmas without some drama thanks to a missed delivery by a certain package delivery service that incorporates brown into their identity logo. It was not a happy evening for Andrea & I on Christmas Eve when we realized that Ava's BIG GIFT - you know, the ONE she talked about for weeks; the one she would look at over and over in the Playmobil catalog, noting all the fine details; the one she made quite certain Santa hear when visiting him at the department store downtown a week ago; the one we had infused into our brains - wasn't going to be delivered that night. So, we did some last-minute thinking and came up with Plan B: I wrote out a letter from Santa saying that sometimes during the course of Christmas Eve, he's bound to lose a package or two, and Ava's Playmobil Hospital playset was one of the unfortunate ones that fell out of his sack. He had his best elves working on locating the present and when they find it, they'll deliver it right away. It seemed to work. Ava seemed happy even though she wasn't going to have the BIG GIFT on the BIG DAY. There were enough gifts to take her mind off of the situation, which was nice. Ezra, he was happy as long as he had his Star Wars Legos and Hot Wheels.

We are missing our family from back east, so it's been nice to have Andrea's brother from New York, Von, here to hang out with us during the holidays. The kids, they love Uncle Von.

Here's wishing you had a great and wonderful Christmas.


  1. Ah, yes. Santa had the same misfortune with a Star Wars Republic Gunship on Christmas Eve. It got bumped off the sleigh during the big snow storm. He found it though, thank goodness, and it was left by the fireplace last night while we slept. I guess Santa doesn't care that I paid an extra $40 for overnight shipping. ;) Oh, well. All is good.

    Happy Holidays!
    (love your blog)

  2. I'll bet that Ferrante & Teicher sounds as good as it looks. Love those Westminster albums from the era when they'd play every part of the piano but the keys.

  3. You can actually listen to the album here: Big 10 inch Record: Christmas, Part 5.

    Pretty good stuff! I like quirky music like this.

  4. Oh, and Belle, thanks for your story. I told it to Ava and it seemed to ease the frustration of having to wait for her present. Although, I have to say, Ava's been very patient in all this. Helps to have a bunch of other presents to take her mind off it.

  5. Those guys are my Christmas faves! Sorry I've been out of pocket, buddy. Work, work, work. Colds, colds, colds. You know the drill. Best to you and yours for the best of New Years. As Bing himself said, "We wish you all the blessings of the seasons, and a little wish to put under your pillow to warm you through the cold winter months ahead."

  6. hi ward. i really enjoy your work a lot. hope you had a great 2008 and hope you'll have an even better 2009. cheers.

  7. Happy New Year, Ward! I love your stories.

    Here's to a better and happier 2009.