At the Grass Hut

Grass Hut

As previously mentioned, I took the kids the following night after Joel Trussell's Culture Jelly show to the Grass Hut Art Market on Burnside. They had an opening for the Grass Hut Gang Show, with lots of color and talent. Both Ava & Ezra really enjoyed the experience. Here's some photos from the night:

Ava in the Wonder Wheel

Grass Hut Gang Show

Young art admirers

Grass Hut Gang Show

Watch the wheel in action!

At least Ava had a chance to take it for a spin. I was told that the Wonder Wheel broke later on in the evening. Silly drunk people ruin it for everyone.


  1. A human hamster wheel! How often as a kid did I wish such a thing existed, while I watched my hamster have more fun than I could.

  2. She did right after spinning in this thing. Maybe that's the reason for it....

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