Well, hello there

Wow, would you look at that: it's 2009 already. In fact, it's almost February! Sheesh. I had no idea I'd be gone for this long. If you knew what I've been working on, then you'd probably understand.


Above: my view throughout the entire holidays, running all the way up until Monday: drawing, scanning, photoshop, rinse. Repeat. It's been a crazy, hard journey, but I'm very excited by the final product. I wish I could say more, but unfortunately, I can't!

Stay tuned, though.


  1. What a tease Ward. Can't wait to hear more. Keep up the good work, what ever it is.

  2. Just wondering what sort of Wacom you're using here...in the market, and whatever Ward-O-Matic uses has GOT to be good.
    Love your work!