Uncle Wiggily

How about some more Little Golden Book goodness? I've been meaning to scan this for months now. Finally found some time to do it. And it's a beaut:

Uncle Wiggily 01
Uncle Wiggily, by Howard R. Garis. Pictures by Mel Crawford. 1953.

Let's just say that Mel Crawford is THE MAN. This is a fantastic LGB, with gorgeous illustrations by Mel. One of my favorite children's books in my collection. Oh, and yes, this is the book that I'm holding in my icon image over there on the right.

For the record, Mel Crawford is still alive and doing well. He's got a blog, even.

Here's his official site: MelCrawford.com.

He's listed on this site for Little Golden Books illustrators: Collecting Little Golden Books: Illustrators - Authors.

Uncle Wiggily 02

Uncle Wiggily 03
One thing I noticed on this book is that there are a great deal of two-page spreads. This gives the book a greater sense of landscape and wider scope. Like the film industry's push to go wide screen in the '50's with Cinescope and Cinerama to attract more viewers, I almost get the sense that Mel was doing the same here in this book. Notice how almost all of the pages are two-page spreads -- it opens the book up considerably. (I know that these 400 pixel wide images don't do it justice. I'm allowing larger downloads of these pages for a short while on my Flickr. Just click on the images below and then click on "All Sizes" right above each image to get the full effect.)

Uncle Wiggily 04

Uncle Wiggily 05
I love how he went completely yellow for the main background color, instead of white. Nice overall tone here.

Uncle Wiggily 06

Uncle Wiggily 07

Uncle Wiggily 08

Uncle Wiggily 09

Uncle Wiggily 10

Uncle Wiggily 11

Uncle Wiggily 12
This is the last page. Lovely stuff. What a jolly guy.

Little Golden Book Endpages
Here's the full endpapers for Uncle Wiggily. In excellent condition. Well, I should say that I Photoshopped out the name that was written there on the left. Thought that everyone should get a nice glimpse of this artwork. Not sure who did this, but it's wonderful.

I've started up a new Flickr set: My LGB's. I'll be adding more to this set shortly. Stay tuned.

And oh, yes. I have to plug my Flickr group once more...if you like this sort of stuff, definitely check out The Retro Kid.


  1. Love that Uncle Wiggly and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those yummy endpapers.

    If I had the time I'd start another blog of just endpapers. Is anyone doing that?

  2. I haven't thought about that book in dozens of years. It hit a raw spot, and I loved it. Thanks.

  3. I had this one as a kid:


    Just seeing the cover again brought back some fond memories.

  4. That's a fine book. I used that alligator not too long ago, as part of a temporary display I did for a local bookstore's children's section.

    I'm also a big fan of Mel Crawford, beginning with his fantastic Flintstones book which featured an alternate universe version of the Flintstone family where Fred and Wilma have a son! Gorgeous art.

  5. This Crawford fellow is something else, but- he ain't no George Carlson! Love your blog, superior stufff.