The Rising Gorge

The Rising Gorge

The Rising Gorge, by S. J. Perelman. Cover art by noted artist Ben Shahn. 1961.

Love me some Shahn. I found this book at a flea market shindig in Aurora, OR, of all places. I saw the unmistakable Shahn type on the spine and grabbed it immediately.

More about S. J. Perelman.

More about Ben Shahn.

Thought it seemed fitting to post this today since I'm going in for either a root canal or tooth extraction later on. As crazy as it sounds, I'm hoping for extraction -- it's a wisdom tooth so I'm figuring that I don't really need the thing and I'd much rather get it over and done with and not have to come back for more dental work. But what do I know?

[sarcasm]Happy Monday![/sarcasm]


  1. If the wisdom tooth is unerupted, I'd think they'll just remove it. If it ain't out now, it never will.

    Either way, good luck and hope the post-op drooling is not too severe ;)

  2. Shahn-erific! Saw the cover in your flickr post among your organized books. Love it. (^_^)

    That view of books makes me feel better, I know exactly how hard it is to keep from picking up yet another tasy find.

    Cheers! -Arna