Me as a teenager

Me as a teenager

There's a meme going around: Draw yourself as a teen. I like it. Here's my take. This is me, circa 1984, I guess. The spiky hair with sorta wings and flippy hair in the back was big. At least I was lead to believe it was. I always seemed to be a bit behind the times, if I recall. The Izod shirt was a standard for me, though. And the Levi's 501 jeans. Back then, there were no 'boot' or 'baggy' or 'straight' cut -- just regular cut. The shoes I wore out constantly were those brown leather Bass 'deck' shoes. No socks. Dork!

Care to take a closer look? Here ya go.

Nowadays, I don't really follow any sort of trend, however I would have to say that these dark narrow frames seem to be worn by everyone. Or maybe they used to? Again, me behind the times. I wouldn't know. But oh, I do love those Nike Vintage shoes. Yes, I do.

Me thinks I should've put color to this illo. Maybe next time?

UPDATE: Because I really should be spending my time on more important things like getting things ready for upcoming Mother's Day, I present to you....Me as a Teenager in TECHNICOLOR! Here ya go:

Me as a teenager (color!)

Closer look!


  1. Yeah... color will definitely make it come to life. Let's see it!

  2. Now updated! Enjoy....

    Oh, and I had contacts in high school, gemini. Oddly enough, I ditched them right after graduation and have been sporting glasses ever since.

  3. Ahaah! I love this! What a great idea! :)