RIP: Ollie Johnston

The big news in the animation industry is the sad passing of the last of Disney's Nine Old Men, the great Ollie Johnston.

My heart goes out to his immediate family and friends during this time of mourning. It's never easy when a loved one passes on -- and for someone who was 95, there's so much history there. Ollie's life was full, vibrant, and touched millions of people on this earth. Not many can said of this achievement. I have so much gratitude for this man. He'll certainly be missed.

May you rest in peace, Ollie.


I wrote about meeting Ollie and his co-hort in animated crime, Frank Thomas, back in 2005: Meeting Giants.

More on Ollie's life and career can be found here:

Cartoon Brew: Ollie Johnston 1912-2008

Animation historian John Canemaker sent in a wonderful tribute to Ollie on Cartoon Brew: Canemaker on Ollie Johnston.

Cartoonist and caricaturist Pete Emslie has a great remembrance of Ollie on his blog: The Cartoon Cave: Ollie Johnston.

Ollie's work is extensive. Here's a quick lowdown of what he's accomplished:

His Disney feature work.
His Disney shorts work.

Ollie on Wikipedia.
Frank & Ollie: Frank & Ollie's official site.


  1. Hey Ward,
    Hutch just emailed me to tell me about Ollie's passing...I stopped by your blog because I knew you'd have a post. We had watched a documentary about him a year or two ago and were both quite touched, not only by his work of course, but by him and the life he led. It's sad to see him go, but at 95 and with the things he accomplished, it's hard to imagine a fuller life. Thanks for the post.

  2. I am glad we took the time to meet
    those guys. It was one of those
    "When time stands still" moments.