Ava Thursday: Pap Paw's Birthday Card

My Dad and his wife came to visit us for the first time this past February. We had a blast. During the course of their visit, Dad celebrated his 67th birthday. What would be the perfect gift for a man his age? Well, I wrangled the kids up to make some birthday cards for him, of course! Naturally.

This is what Ava came up with:
Ava Thursday: Pap Paw's Birthday Card
The front.

Ava Thursday: Pap Paw's Birthday Card
The inside.

Ava Thursday: Pap Paw's Birthday Card
On the back, Ava added a little logo down in the lower right-hand corner, "Daddy Cards." I had made a card with that logo on it a while back and she really liked it. So this is her version. Love little details like that.

Oh, and here's Ezra's card:

Ezra gets in on it
I think it says his name over and over.

Ezra's card
He was real proud of it.

Ava then got all creative and us and made this Crayon wrapper sculpture-thingy:
Crayon wrapper sculpture


I've been meaning to do a follow-up post on Marjane Satrapi's talk from Monday night. I'm working on it. I took some good notes, but most of it's chicken scratch, so whatever I type out will be paraphrased. She had some good things to say. Very inspiring talk. And very funny.

I've also been meaning to update the long-overdue Blogroll over there in the right column. Still have all my Atlanta peeps' links up -- what's up wit that? It's been over a year now! I'll keep the ATL links up for the newer version, but I plan on putting up Portland and NW links as well. Gotta keep it fresh.

And, one other thing: I think it's about time for a new look here for the blog. Feels a bit stale to me. Whaddya think? We'll see.


  1. My brother, sister and I all made our own cards as kids, each with our own "card company" name. Wish to heck I could remember mine. Anyways, nice to know the tradition continues.

    Love that typographic wall art!

  2. I wouldn't change to much - you've got a nice aesthetic goin' on here. Maybe darken the wallpaper, and obviously updating the links would be good... otherwise, again, it feels real comfortable here, which is one of the reasons that I like coming back everyday. Kind of like the genre and era that you frequently post on, change is not always good.

    Good to see you're back online - keep up the good work!