Photobooth Friday: Fools!

2 Fools 1 Photobooth

My best friend Lane came to town about a month ago. We haven't seen each other for several years. It was so good to hang out and be silly with him. We realized that this was the first time we've ever been in a photobooth together. Rest assured, when you get us two together, there's lots of conceptualizing going on. It was like choreography doing this strip -- we were worn out by the end of it.

By the way, that first frame was a re-enactment of a photo Lane and I did back in college. Har har! See below:

I'mma pickin' and he's a grinnin'
This was probably back in, oh, lessee, 1988? '89?

There's so much history between us, it's hard to know where to start if I ever decide to talk about him here on this blog. He's the closest thing to a brother that I could possibly have -- we're both first-born with one younger sister, so I guess we both longed for a brother.

There's some great stories to tell, but it'll all have to wait until I find a more opportune time.

For Andrea's Photobooth Friday Monthly Challenge: Fools. Yup, that we are.


  1. History.
    You're right - there is so much.
    And I think you nailed it - the term "best friends" sometimes feels like it's almost downplaying our relationship. "Brothers" is near perfect, though.
    Thanks for posting these pictures, Wardlaw. Awesome memories.
    We have so many more to make!
    - Lane

  2. Man, them 80's glasses were really something...what was everyone thinking? Seriously, very amusing and nice to see you back amongst the "living."

  3. Har har! Those are great. Good to see you having some silly fun with a friend.