Three is the magic number.

Well, would you look at that....The Ward-O-Matic turned three yesterday. That's like, 37 in blog years. I think.

Lunar Boy Gallery

To celebrate, I took the kids to Astoria, OR, for the day. Well, actually, I had to drop off a painting for an upcoming show at the Lunar Boy Gallery, which is a pretty cool gallery in this pretty cool little marine town in the northwestern-most part of Oregon. Right at the mouth of the Columbia River. Quite an impressive village with some quaint old buildings and a massive bridge that spans the river over into Washington. I took Ava & Ezra because the wife has been incredibly sick for the past 5 days. She needed some more rest so I thought, hey, I'll just take the kids on a road trip. We had a blast. It was fun checking out a new town with some beautiful vistas. The kids are always up for an adventure.

The gallery space

Keepin' them occupied

Downtown Astoria

Speaking of adventure, The Goonies was shot here! Had to visit the house, of course. You know you love it.
One last shot

Check the Flickr for more Astoria pics.

More about the show coming up....


  1. Looks like a cool gallery-swingin' pics. And I never saw "The Goonies," but felt like I did considering how much MTV played that damned Cyndi Lauper video with all the big-time wrestlers of the day and the Bangles dressed up as pirates...Mmmmmm, Bangles dressed up as pirates...Uh, yeah, where was I?

  2. Happy 3. Loved what you said, "The Ward-O-Matic turned three yesterday. That's like, 37 in blog years. I think."

    Too cute. Always enjoy your artsy posts.