Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving from the Jenkins Family. This is the first time ever in our lives where we are not spending this holiday with our extended families. Missing everyone back east, but having the best time creating new traditions here in our new home. We had a wonderful day today. How was yours?

And, to my Canadian brethren, how was your regular Thursday?

Image taken from Man On The Land, a 15 minute short film by the legendary UPA studio in 1951. I had a still from the same film with a pilgrim family at a table, but they weren't eating, so I opted not to use it here. Plus, the dad looked kinda mad. I did some color correction on this image, although I'm sure that it's still not even close to what the original looked like.

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  1. Thursday was mostly a regular work day like any other, except my wife still prepared a fantastic dinner just for us! One of the many perks of dual citizenship...dual Thanksgivings!