Who's Attle?

Cold mackin' in Seattle this past weekend.

Special ups to my man Jon who took this great shot of me hanging out by the dumpster. A little foreshadowing of what's to come of my career, I presume? Let's hope not. Anyways, we grabbed the family and headed up to visit our Flickr/blogger brethern in the great Emerald City for Memorial Day weekend. Had a blast. To say that Jon and Joy are kindred spirits is the Great Understatement of the Year. To see Andrea and Jon get out of the car to take photos of brilliant crimson poppys off the side of the highway was priceless, I tell ya. We spouses didn't bat an eye.

I finally got around to sketching some more in my Moleskine. I'll have to scan those pages for all to gawk and laugh at soon. Can't wait.

Tried to hook up with my new pal Gene, but it wasn't in the cards, I'm afraid. Next time, I promise, Gene. Actually, I do hope to see you here in Stumptown for Platform soon, so that'll be swell.

Oh, hey. I helped out in redesigning Andrea's blog. I hope you like.

I do.


True story:

HER: "We're going to Seattle and then...."
IN-LAW: "Hold on -- who's Attle?"


  1. You get around, my friend. Sounds like a swingin' time. All the best.

  2. LoL at the Attle comment.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip up here, I hope you got to stay long that just sunday, which was all but sunny.

  3. don't know if my last comment made it on or not...i looked away and stuff..giggle...it was great talking to you and i'm trying to work out the details of going to platform...possibly the 26th, then leave the 27th or something...we could hook up with trussell and hang or something...werd up...i'll let you know.

  4. "To say that Jon and Joy are kindred spirits is the Great Understatement of the Year"

    hah i kept going on about that at work when people asked me about my weekend. :)

    good to know the feeling is mutual :)

    can't wait to see y'all again soon bruh!

  5. Aww man,

    You were in Seattle last weekend? Anne and I were on vacation out there at the same time. Would have been good to catch up. Things haven't been the same at Primal since you left.

    take care,

    Dale Bradshaw