a post just to post

When I started this crazy blog thing, I promised myself that I'd never post anything just for the sake of posting. But these days, it seems to be more and more difficult for me to find the time to post, even if it is a pic & a quote. So I'm giving myself more leeway here and darnitall, sometimes it's fun to post just for the sake of posting!

Here's a pic and a quote for you all:

"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste." -- Marcel Duchamp

Ever since I found this quote from the French artist, I try my best to live by this mantra day after day.


  1. Hilarious - that was definitely worth the post :)

  2. Nice photo, I was thinking of some new glasses. I like the quote, too. It's easy to box yourself in creatively when you stay in your comfort zone.

  3. Whatta great quote! And you were never lovlier, sir.

  4. OMG! A kindred spirit! The glasses! I have a pair just like that. I keep them in my car to put on whenever I am stuck in traffic. I just LOVE the reactions from people. The most memorable time was on a road trip when we were stuck somewhere between Memphis and Little Rock due to an accident on the interstate. I'm going to show this to my daughter, who thinks I am the only one on the planet who would do this...

  5. That's pretty funny, annie. Unfortunately, I didn't keep these on for long. But it fun when I did!