Meet me at Platform

It's official. I'll be on my very first panel at the upcoming Platform International Animation Festival, right here in Portland, in late June. The title of the panel is called Attack of The Blog, because, ummm...I'm a blogger see, and there's going to be other bloggers on the panel, and we'll probably be talking about blog-things and such. Oh boy, what fun! Seriously, though, I think it'll be a great experience. I'm really looking forward to it. Here are the specs for ya:


Winningstad Theatre, located at the PCPA (Portland Centre of Performing Arts)

11:00am-12:30 pm, Wednesday June, 27th

Panelists include:

Charles Zembillas
Jon Izen
Aaron Simpson
Ward Jenkins
Ovi Nedelcu
Moderated by Dan Sarto

Couple of things I find interesting:

1. Charles is from Animation Nation. A forum. Not a blog. Not sure exactly why he's on this panel, but oh well. We'll see.

2. Charles mentions on AN that Amid Amidi from Cartoon Brew was originally going to be on this panel. That's true, he was. He dropped out for legitimate reasons that are not worth going into here. I respect his decision in this matter, although it would've been an honor to be on the same panel with one of the illustrious members of Cartoon Brew.

Ahh...nothing like animator drama!

Notice that Ovi Nedelcu will be on the panel as well. Incredibly talented dude.

So there ya go! Come on by and heckle me. I'm sure it'll be a blast.

The selection of films have already been announced a while back and it looks like Platform is ramping up to be one great festival. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of big names in the animation industry who are making the trek to the great North West. It'll be a load of fun.

Hope to see you all there.


  1. ward didn't have your email so posted to your blog...sorry. shoot me an email when u get a chance.

    -scott b ATL

  2. That's fabulous Ward. Congrats! Get your 0.0 - 10.0 cards ready. I'm sure that's how it works, right?