it's all happening

I can't believe it. It's Tuesday and the movers come Thursday to pack our things, Friday to load it on a truck and then Sunday... we leave.

You know, I could probably wax eloquent here with all the swirling thoughts inside my brain on leaving my hometown, my family, my whole entire life as I know it -- but alas, I don't have the time. There's just so much to do on both the work and home fronts. I'm trying to finish up all the animation for this last spot (mentioned in a previous post), so in order to do so, I have to take home scenes to work on them -- but that then pushes aside the few precious moments that I had alloted especially for organizing and packing, therefore creating more drama.

I know that it'll all be over before I know it and I'll find myself in the middle of Wyoming wishing that I had the time to sit and think about my last days in Georgia in the right frame of mind. But I don't.

It hurts. It hurts to leave, but if nobody ever left anywhere, what good would that do? Where's the fun in that, right?

Just thinking.


  1. Good luck, hope everything falls into place soon.

  2. When you get to Portland, can you send me a box of "Quisp?" I hear they sell it out there!

  3. Very best of luck with your move. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  4. Good luck Ward! Wish I had made the effort to hook up with you on one of my many trips to Atlanta ( I grew up in Dekalb and make it back with the family several times a year). Hope you keep blogging once you get settled in Portland. I always enjoy your posts(especially Ava Thursdays!)

  5. I'm kinda envious of you right now. Going ahead and getting things done while I'm still in limbo on the house moving thingy.Waiting for the ubyer's money to clear,finding an ideal place to live,packing,shifting, taking care of grandaunt,etc. It's gonna be my first time too so the anxiousness is slowly killing me inside. Guess I'm feeling more scared now than I am excited. All the best to you n your family on your new life in Portland. Oh,and lovely sundance clip! I love it!

  6. Hi Ward,
    Just heard that you were leaving.
    While I only worked with you on a few projects, you were always a decent guy.
    I wish you and your family good luck in your new life on the other coast.
    Take care,

  7. we love you guys and cant wait to hear all about the "getting there". miss you already....

  8. Ward,

    Hope all the packing and moving go well (it's definitely a pain). Have a safe journey . Will being all the way out there on the west coast mean that you can still make it to the Ottawa animation festival ? (I guess I won't be sitting behind you on the plane from Atlanta next time...) Hope to run into you there or someplace around this little industry of ours.

  9. Wow! how exciting that you're moving the o-matic family :) have a wonderful trip!

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  11. drive safe and make the most!