Ava Thursday: Hmm!

Ava Thursday: Hmm!

As you might've guessed, Ava Thursday has evolved from a weekly thing to a when-I-can-find-the-time thing. But I'm sure you all understand, right? I mean, you know that it's just a tad crazy for me right now.

Rarely will I ask Ava to draw something for me specifically for Ava Thursday. Most of what I post here has been something that she's done on her own, for school, or just for funsies. Last night I walked by Ava in her room and I feigned worry and concern, "Omigosh Ava! It's Ava Thursday tomorrow! What am I going to post?" She knew that I was joking around (we have tons of artwork that we've yet to scan of course) but she smiled at me and said "I'll draw sumfin!" I told her that there was no need to, but she wouldn't hear of it. Fifteen minutes later she came up to me with all smiles and handed me this drawing you see here. "Here ya go, Daddy!"

The story is that the Main Girl in the middle is having a party and that she just handed out the party invitations to all her friends in the picture, except the one who has a red face. Ava tells me that she's the Mean Girl and that she wasn't invited to the party. She's red because she's mad and jealous that she's not going and everyone else is. The Main Girl is giving Mean Girl a "Hmm!" ("Humph!") as in: "That's what you get for being so mean!" Notice that there's smoke coming from the Mean Girl's ears, too. Nice cartoonish touch. I really dig all the action going on in the background, especially the girls jumping rope on the right.

Parties and party invitations are high on Ava's list right now because she just gave some out for her Going Away/Early Birthday Party coming up a week from Saturday. Just some ice cream and fun times at a children's bookstore and ice cream parlor down the road from us. Ava's so excited she can hardly stand it. And she's very excited about moving out to Portland. She's looking at it like a Big Adventure. Andrea and I are trying to do the same, but it's hard when you have boxes covering every single square foot of your home right now and it seems like nothing has changed for the past several weeks.


  1. I love the lips! Plus she always has lots of cool things happening in the background of her drawings. I like the girls jumping rope and doing hop scotch.

  2. First...great drawing, Ava! I love the attitude, love it!!! Are the girls to the right playing hopscotch?

    Second...you're moving to Portland??!! Congratulations, Ward! One of my very best friends moved there a couple years ago and could not be happier about it. It's a great place! I may even try and visit again this summer and if I do, I'll be contacting you!

    Best of luck to you and Andrea and enjoy that crazy drive across the US!

  3. So much innocence in all of her drawings,Ward. Love it! Especially the stories that comes with it. Good luck on your moving to Portland. A friend of mine is currently there, and tho' the travel images of Portland,Oregon looks breathtaking, he says its been rainy,cold and damp lately. Hope you and your family do settle down eventually.

  4. Do I get an early birthday party, too? ;)

    I'm glad she is seeing the move as a big adventure. It proves how secure she is in who she is.

    Saw the new car last night for the first time (Frank drove it home). The new bodystyle definitely makes a difference! It was tan last night, but then it was white this morning...oh wait, that was the snow ;)

    See you SOON!

  5. A friend recommended your site and I think your daughters drawings are wonderful

    I wish I had such talent at her age
    I'll definitely bookmark this site and visit often

    thank you, Ward
    such talent in your whole family