More Sundancing

Well it's been a week since my last post and it feels so...wrong. I'm neglecting my duties here but I'm sure that you all understand. At the same time we're packing everything and moving to Portland, I've had to try and wrap up all the animation for this Trix Yogurt spot I'm currently directing. It's a sweet way to go out, man. Some great animation that I'm very proud of -- and all my peeps working on it are doing a fantastic job. Once it airs, I'll be able to disclose more. But in the meantime, thought I'd do some tooting of the Primal horn. Ever since I posted about the Sundance screenwash I worked on, there have been other mentions across the world wide internets about it. See for yourself:

First off, Primal put up an official press release of all our Sundance work for everyone to read and enjoy. You can finally get a chance to view Spark City in motion with a (pretty large) Quicktime clip available to download. It's about 2 minutes long so you're missing a good amount of the 6 minute long cycle, but at least you get a chance to see the little guy at the bottom of the screen wipe out near the end of the clip. Pretty funny.

There was a short interview with head designer Rick Newcomb soon after the film fest in Canada's National Post. He was the guy who headed up the project.

Studio Daily did an Interview with Primal music guy Steve Mank and if you scroll down there's mention of the Sundance work we did.

We got Brew'd, too! Amid Amidi mentioned us on the ever-popular Cartoon Brew. Sweet.

And lastly, Justin Cone did a nice write-up on his fantastic and brilliant site, Motionographer. Thanks, Justin!


  1. The Primal Screen link to the Sundance work they did is now http://www.primalscreen.com/projects/sundance